The Braille Club by J. A. Kerr


BrailleClubeBook The Braille Club

Welcome to the Braille Club, where blindfolds are mandatory and members play sensual games of pleasurable endurance. Three couples take part in this exclusive, secret club for very different reasons…with very different results.
Benedict Harrison was a master of detachment…
Benedict’s first experience with the Braille Club changed his life forever when a mysterious woman reawakened his emotions and his passion. He encounters the darkly erotic Siena Waters again, and they begin a tumultuous affair and a business partnership, but what will happen if the true nature of their relationship is revealed?
Gabriella Ballantyne’s marriage is in trouble…
Her husband Max has grown cold, and Gabriella seeks out the Braille Club and its decadent delights in an effort to reawaken their hearts and strengthen their marriage. But when she presents him with his own membership card, she sees only revulsion in his eyes. Gabriella must use everything she’s learned from the club in a last-ditch effort to reconnect with Max and resurrect their love.
Abbey Marshall needs an escape from her cheating husband…
Abbey begins sensory lessons at the Braille Club, hoping it will help her regain control of Steve and prevent his straying. When the unthinkable happens, she is consumed with the need to learn the identity of Steve’s latest mistress. Left reeling and with her sanity in jeopardy, a chance visit from her husband’s former teammate might be her last chance to find the answers she needs.
At the Braille Club, the elite membership walks in the dark in order to find the light…they need to be blind before they can see. They’re ready—are you?
Amazon Review by Mr A J McKechnie
THE UNIQUE PREMISE AND THE 3D CHARACTER PROFILES KEPT ME HOOKED. It’s not often that I use the word ‘original’, but it’s merited in this case. Kerr has crafted a well-written story around a unique idea, and both the writing style and the execution deliver flawlessly.

Each chapter is preceded by a small informational briefing about the Braille Club, and this was invaluable to getting a feel for just how strange the circumstance is. The book reminded me in part of David Foster Wallace’s almost encyclopedic descriptions of people and places, going into minute detail. In as much as The Braille Club is a world, these descriptions helped to make it real for me.

Without ruining too much, The Braille Club is as much about sexual awakening as it is sexual re-awakening, with couples attending to rekindle their marriages, or trying to rediscover the passion they once felt for each other.

Not at all the kind of book I would normally pick up, but the unique premise and the 3D character profiles kept me hooked. Would thoroughly recommend to a lover of any genre.

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Author Bio

Hi there!
AIbEiAIAAABDCI6-5JXbo9H4AyILdmNhcmRfcGhvdG8qKGQxZmJiYzkyMDEyMjdlZWNmZTJjMTkwNjVhNjhjM2QyNzQwYjBiYjUwAZbDOsqS4vkJt36Ec0wZwxT4v4lOWhen I set out to write these books, I wanted to create something that mirrored exactly the kind of books I like to read. My top picks are always originals featuring strong male and female protagonists with attitude. Benedict is detached and an enigma until he meets Siena. She turns his world upside down and he suddenly reconnects. I can’t tell you how many readers tell me how they were gripped by their story. How they loved the originality of the Braille Club, the other two stories running through the book and the mix of characters!
The Braille Club Series books are a great mix of genres. Although sensuality plays a big part, there is also intrigue and a touch of thriller.Overall, the Braille Club series is designed to keep you turning the pages – for those adventurous enough to try…
I’m a dreamer, writer and wine drinker and not always in that order. With the publication of my books, I realised my ultimate dream of becoming a writer. This has been a rollercoaster ride with lots of highs and lows but I love every second. My next adventure is into script writing where I hope to transform my book into a drama series. I love to connect. Be sure to drop by FB page or sign up to my mailing list for giveaways, secret chapters and upcoming events.



Six Lies Tour Bannersix lies cover for pc w endorse


Genre: Humour, Romance,
Release Date: 23/11/15
Publisher: SilverWood Books
How would you feel if, one day, you discover that everything you thought you knew about your family was a fabrication? Your mother wasn’t your mother, your father was a liar and your whole upbringing was a sham.

Confronted with this exact situation, Dave Fazackerley doesn’t feel great. It doesn’t help that he has just buried the woman he thought of as his mother. Or that his wife, his one true soulmate, recently jumped into bed with a librarian. Even his band, his only escape from reality, is going through a rough patch.

How will Dave respond? Will he discover the truth about his family? Will his band ever play a gig again? More importantly, can Dave entice his wife back from the arms of the book-dork or will he take a chance on a new love?





editedLike a lot of people, Ben went to school, then college and eventually grew up and got a responsible job, a house and a family. And then his mid-life crisis kicked in.

Realising that life was in danger of becoming all too serious, Ben started writing. Not in the way that Forrest Gump started running, but at least he started. He wrote on steamed up mirrors in the bathroom to make his children smile. Eventually he graduated to making up stories to entertain his kids at bedtime.

For some reason, his boys didn’t seem interested in his tales of every-day life, relationships, family, trauma, farce and the occasional bit of debauchery. They preferred JK someone or other.

Following his short-lived career as a children’s author, Ben now concentrates on writing stories for grown-ups. He writes for people who have lived, loved, worked, strived and suffered – people like him. People like you.

Ben lives in southwest London with his two boys and Albus, his dog.






Twitter: @benadamsauthor

Twitter: @benadamsauthor

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Letters From a Patchwork Quilt by Clare Flynn

Letters Cover LARGE EBOOK Letters From a Patchwork Quilt

In 1875 a young man, Jack Brennan, from a large and impoverished Catholic family refuses to be pushed into the priesthood and runs away to fulfil his dream of becoming a teacher.
Jack falls in love with another teacher, Eliza Hewlett, but his hopes and plans are thwarted when his landlord’s daughter, Mary Ellen MacBride, falsely accuses him of fathering the child she is expecting.
Rather than be forced to marry his accuser, Jack decides to run away to America with Eliza. Just as they are about to sail Jack is arrested and dragged from the ship, leaving Eliza alone en route to New York with just a few shillings in her pocket.
From the back streets of industrial Middlesbrough to the brewery city of St Louis the book “transports you to the time and place – not just visually but with the smells, sounds and atmosphere.”
5 Star award Readers’ Favorite ” A story of love, loss and tragedy; a heartbreaking and moving tale. “

Review quotes – “A heart-wrenching and gripping story of love lost” “You are totally drawn into the characters and live with them, empathise with them and share their emotions” “I could almost feel the heat of the blast furnaces as I was reading” “Grab wine and chocolate and curl up with this riveting book of love, loss, tragedy and hope”.
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website –
Author Bio:

529543_10151610059343615_2134871234_nClare Flynn is a former global marketing director and has run a successful strategic management consultancy and a web-based business.
She has published three novels, A Greater World, Kurinji Flowers and Letters From a Patchwork Quilt. Both A Greater World and Kuriji Flowers are recipients of the BRAG Medallion and Letters From a Patchwork Quilt has received the 5 Star award from Readers’ Favorite.
Clare lives in West London, UK and loves to travel – often to research the settings for her books. She also loves to dabble at watercolour painting and is an avid reader.

The Ray Synchronicity by Lata Sony

TRScoverIn a busy market place, Major Vohra spots a suicide bomber from his eBombVest. He whispers his suspicion to a stranger near him. The stranger takes out a gun and shoots the bomber between his eyes. To Vohra’s surprise, instead of keeling over the bomber visibly changes and confesses.

Vohra is interested in the gun and the stranger, who introduces himself as Ketu, a soul engineer.

Shadows, made of Dark Energies in the universe, learn about this first use of Bioray gun. They realize that mortals had developed brainwave entrainment tools to drive them away, in accordance with a synchronicity created by Shadows’ arch enemies Rays. Shadows create a synchronicity of their own to make mortals undo Rays’ work.

The Bioray gun was a result of the last meeting between Rays and Time. Through Time travel, Rays discover that if their waves do not spread fast by next 500 years, the dawn of the Platinum age will be delayed. To explain how hard people are finding it to cope with just Ray frequencies, Time takes them to Arnavi and Gatik’s life spimes (space+time vehicle).

Arnavi was born with frequencies of Ray Intelligence and Ray Love. Thwarted Shadows hoped that she will eventually acquire Shades Hatred and Craving from her father. Arnavi tried to earn love as a toddler from her parents but her love is mistaken for meekness.

When Arnavi’s brother Gatik was born, Time allowed Shadow Ego to shade the baby because Time feels that mortals appreciate light only in darkness.

Rays observe that Arnavi felt unloved and unappreciated at both school and home while Gatik fared better.

Rays know that humans are capable of changing their brainwaves through low frequencies such as sound and among the methods, brain entrainment was the fastest. To further speed up brain entrainment methods, the Rays create the Ray synchronicity to bring about the events that allow humans to develop faster brain entrainment machines.

Consequently, an Indo-American spiritual leader collaborates with a medical equipment manufacturer to create these weapons of peace. The first of these weapons were now with Ketu for testing in India.

Back in the present, Major Vohra introduces his Colonel to Ketu, who tells them that his Bioray gun eliminates certain dark frequencies from the mind, making a person more peaceful and righteous. The two are disappointed to know that use of the gun declines the life of the person shooting the gun. Ketu reveals other methods such as the Entrainment couch and Shade Slayer to change violent and evil tendencies and develop out-of-body experience (OBE) capability for spying. Due to the non-violent nature of the methods, they finally decide to test them while working for an NGO affiliated to the Human Rights commission.

Ketu starts looking for young trainees with high IQ, as intelligent people become ‘soul engineers’ more easily. He shortlists Arnavi and Gatik. What happened to Arnavi and Gatik in the mean time?

In her search for love, child Arnavi meets all the wrong people including a pedophile, who leave her shaded with guilt and shame. As an adolescent, Arnavi feels and acts like a pathetic loser and loner in school. She makes an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

An adolescent Gatik constantly shuns his parents’ opinions having decided that they were half-witted and silly. He learns things by himself and uses extreme anger to rebuff people into agreeing with him.

In adulthood, Shadow Hatred manifests from Arnavi’s inherited genes as she reels under failed relationships.

Ketu contacts Arnavi through the advisor mode of her hi-tech IntelliHouse and convinces her to undergo brainwave entrainment from Beta to Theta state. She begins to feel happier and appreciate finer qualities more. She starts training under Ketu for OBE and other mental powers.

Their first case is to stop frequent violent protests by the public in a crime-infested area. The last time protestors had thrown stones at a police station, the police had shot 9 of them down. The news had caught nation-wide attention and was widely condemned.

Monitoring the area, Ketu and Arnavi see a shopkeeper being harassed by a goon. They manage to trick the goon to the Entrainment room.

He confesses to his crimes and surrenders to the police. A couple of his friends follow. Ketu uses OBE to hear their conversation in jail. He overhears the inspector taking orders from someone on the phone.

The next day he uses OBE again to find that the goons have been killed in the jail.
Ketu and Arnavi realize that the public dissatisfaction is due to a nexus between the police and administration.

People at random approach Ketu for brain entrainment. Some people including an MLA experience no change. Gatik too arrives for training.

Arnavi tries to get the inspector to Entrainment couch but he escapes and tries to shoot Arnavi forcing Ketu to use his bioray gun. Inspector comes around and confesses his nefarious connections with the MP.

Ketu asks Arnavi to try OBE to the MP’s house. She tries but she is confronted by shadows and she comes back midway.

Using OBE Ketu finds that the MP is an extremely sensitive person but he lacks empathy frequencies.

Ketu has no option but to use his Bioray gun on the MP.

Next Arnavi uses OBE on the CM and finds that he is shaded with Inertia that prevents him from taking action on his own ministers.

Ketu uses his bioray gun on the CM as well. With the transformation of the CM, MP, MLA and police, the state soon becomes crime-free and prosperous.

Due to frequent use of Bioray gun, Ketu looks 60 years old while Arnavi is 24. Ketu dies much earlier but both of them reunite in the garden of Rays after Arnavi’s death.


Review 1:

If you are a tad tired of the androids of the future and the inter-galactic wars, then you may want to step into this world of Ketu and Arnavi. If you have a philosophical or spiritual bent of mind, irrespective of which religion you follow, or if you follow none, you may want to enter the realm of the Rays and the Shadows. This book – the maiden release by the author – was refreshingly different from the contemporary fiction. What particularly appeals is the author’s astute observation of human nature, and of the underlying forces that govern our thoughts and actions. The darkness is not just the hatred, greed or ego, but also self-pity and self-flagellation; and the light is not just wisdom, faith and love, but also wit and vivacity. Universal truths are presented in an imaginative sci-fi plot, which is an easy and fun read. We may never develop the bioray gun or the entrainment couch, but the image of a washed-clean, ‘baptised’ individual is something we’ll find irresistible…..and that is, at the very least, wonderful and much-needed food for thought in this troubled age. ”
Review 2:

Lata Sony pulls us into a creative world with both story and well-crafted narrative.

The book follows Ketu and later Arvani, in India, in the mortal year 2039. The author’s descriptions brought this world into focus and easily transported this reader right in the midst a futuristic India.

The book also follows a variety of characters, or extensions of mortal minds and souls, presented as wider understanding of where the truths of the self and all that’s around us lies. I was intrigued by the idea of mind-altering weapons and out-of-body experiences, and pleased the author detailed the technical aspect in ways that made it thought-provoking and easy to follow.

The story brings up questions regarding technical dependency in our always-connected world as well as the morality of our entanglements. While the concept has been done many times before, you won’t get recycled ideas here, but rather a fresh and fascinating take on an awareness that transcends the corporeal realm of the senses and even thought.

This high tech, science fiction book is unlike anything I’ve read, with the setting functioning as a highly appealing point. The author takes her time working through a descriptive beginning before arriving at the dynamic plotline, which worked well for this reader tired of forced, immediate suspense — and once we do reach the tipping point, there is no turning back. One must turn the pages fast, greedy for the conclusion.

The end is stunning. The author’s ability to tell a story with so many moving parts, while keeping the suspense going and bringing the storyline to a crescendo, is admirable.

I recommend this book to readers of science fiction and to those looking for something fresh and different.

Gravitas: Valkyrie in the Forbidden Zone by Lynne Murray

GRAVITAS -92 KB Sybil, from Planet Valkyrie, carries a risky amount of Gravitas, a top secret aphrodisiac, to trade at a conference on ending slavery in her sector of the galaxy. Attacked by an angry warrior, she falls through an unmarked portal to land on Earth. The Forbidden Zone. Portals to Earth are sealed. Sybil must find her own way home–while dealing with a damaging overdose of Gravitas.

A few Reviews:

Reading this Lynne Murray book is like being a kid in a candy shop. Sure, she can weave a thrilling story line, but she also makes you feel as if you can indulge your dreams and fantasies about living in a different, much more delightful world. Read the book. It is more fun than eating chocolate while sipping wine. Frannie Zellman, author of The FatLand Trilogy

Escape to the outer reaches of space….and San Francisco…in this intriguing thrill ride of a tale that had me hooked from the first page. I was on the edge of my seat and reading on to see what would happen next. I truly did not want it to end, and am hoping there is a sequel that I can get my hands on as soon as it comes out! Tracey L. Thompson, author of Fatropolis A Novel

If you like Terry Pratchett, you’ll enjoy Lynne Murray, who blends social issues, fantastic worlds and humor in breathtaking stories! Jaqueline Girdner, author the bestselling Kate Jasper mystery stories

Murray hurls the reader into her story and her universe, with links to daily reality, which make it seem more possible. The strong-minded protagonist displays Murray’s trademark flashes of wit. Well imagined and thought provoking!” Leslie Moïse, Ph.D., author of Judith and Love Is the Thread

Lynne Murray and GeorgeAuthor Bio
I live in San Francisco. When not writing or reading (and sometimes even while writing or reading), I spend a lot of time staring at the ocean and happily indulging a small group of formerly feral cats, all of whom were rescued and who daily return the favor. My published books include: The Falstaff Vampire Files, The Bride of the Living Dead (a romantic comedy for women who love monster movies too much) and four books in the mystery series featuring Josephine Fuller, sleuth of size who doesn’t apologize.

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Twitter @lynnemurray

Walking in the Rain by Julia Ibbotson

Walking in the Rain Tour Banner 1 WALKING IN THE RAIN_300dpi

How do you cope when your worst nightmare comes true?

Jess happily marries the love of her life. She wants to feel safe, secure and loved. But gradually it becomes clear that her beloved husband is not the man she thought him to be. She survived civil war and injury in Africa, but can she now survive the biggest trauma of her life?

This is the second novel in the Drumbeats trilogy but can be read as a standalone. However, Drumbeats is so amazing you should just read it too!

Walking in the Rain
Before I Die

Want to read Drumbeats first? Buy-link on Amazon for the first in the trilogy:

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And, for a taster, the book trailer video of Drumbeats

Julia Ibbotson is an author and academic, and lives in the middle of the English countryside in a 712xl9knbgL._UX250_renovated Victorian rectory with her husband, an orchard, a kitchen garden and far too many moles. Their four children are now grown up and they have four gorgeous grandchildren. She was a school teacher for many years before becoming a senior university lecturer, researcher and writer. She loves reading, travelling, choral singing, theatre, walking, swimming and gardening, as well as cooking for family and friends. Her books include a memoir/recipe book, The Old Rectory: escape to a country kitchen, and a children’s book (9-14 year olds),S.C.A.R.S, a fantasy story of dragons, knights and a boy who slips through the fabric of the universe into a parallel medieval world threatened by the evil Myrthor, the heart of darkness.

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Dancing to an Irish Reel by Claire Fullerton

DancingtoanIrishReel2 500x750 (1)[1]“Dancing to an Irish Reel” Fiction, Vinspire Publishing, LLC.

On sabbatical from her job in the LA record business, Hailey Crossan takes a trip to Ireland for the vacation of a lifetime. What she finds is a job offer too good to turn down.

But her life in Ireland comes with one complication—Liam Hennessey. He’s a famous Irish musician whose entire live has revolved around performing, so when he meets Hailey, he is so unbalanced at the prospect of love that he can’t decide whether to come closer or run away.

And so begins the push and pull of Hailey and Liam’s attraction. It is a dance enriched by colorful Irish friends who help Hailey navigate her budding romance with Liam in a landscape with more charm and character than any place Hailey ever imagined.


Most Helpful Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars A Celebration of Hope, Friendship and Discovery March 8, 2015
By Ellen Comeskey
Format:Kindle Edition
My favorite kind of book is one where I feel like the narrator is speaking only to me, and “Dancing to an Irish Reel” is just that! Reading this book had me feeling like I was sitting talking to a friend; its tone is so immediately intimate as the narrator, Hailey Crossan, tells her story that I didn’t feel the need to interrupt by asking questions about this American’s spell binding experience in rural Ireland!

A short, crisp prologue tells us with plausibility how the narrator came to leave Los Angeles and make her home on Ireland’s west coast. From the first engaging chapter, we are given a vivid sense of place as we are introduced to both Galway City, where Hailey works at the Galway Music Center, and the countryside of Connemara, where she makes her home. Both settings are painted cleverly in a manner that “shows” and never “tells” because the book takes off with action!

Twenty five year old Hailey Crossan is a savvy, insightful, fish out of water who has the kind of self-confidence to move to a new country without knowing a soul. She quickly surrounds herself with a group of Irish friends who are instrumental to the building story, for when she meets an intriguing musician named Liam Hennessey, who is clearly interested in her but has a funny way of showing it, they are by her side with their running commentary, which is often times funny and always revealing of how the Irish conduct themselves in a nuanced culture that Hailey is trying to understand.

At the heart of “Dancing to an Irish Reel” is the potential for new love, and the reader is lured along its uncertain development by being privy to exactly what Hailey is thinking as Liam Hennessey sends out mixed signals in his awkward courtship. I found myself laughing out loud at the dynamic’s accuracy in this realistic portrayal of an attraction that keeps the narrator guessing and has no guarantee.

But “Dancing to an Irish Reel” is also a lyrically written story. Its language is fluid and beautifully descriptive with laser sharp intelligence and pacing without any gaps. It reads like a celebration of hope, youth, friendship, and discovery as the narrator confidentially shares her longing to connect and her awestruck appreciation for all that is Irish. From the portrayal of the landscape to the character of Ireland’s people, it is an outsider’s travelogue experienced through the heart and a rollicking good time all at once! 
5.0 out of 5 stars Lyrical and lovely! March 7, 2015

By Alison Henderson
Format:Kindle Edition
This delightful novel reads more like a memoir than a work of fiction. In truth, it is a love song to the landscape, people, culture, and language of western Ireland. The author has perfectly captured the complex, and sometimes confusing, subtlety of the Irish people in the cadences and patterns of their language.

The characters are well-drawn, quirky, and unique. The story follows Hailey, a young American, as she navigates a maybe on/maybe off relationship with an Irish musician who struggles with the meaning and implication of falling in love. The author depicts the uncertainties and push/pull of their budding attraction with wisdom and sensitivity.

The carefully crafted descriptions of the settings, both natural and man-made, are so vivid you feel as if you’re sitting in the village pubs listening to traditional Irish music along with the characters. If you’ve ever been to Ireland, reading Dancing to an Irish Reel will take you back in a heartbeat; if you haven’t yet had that pleasure, this book serves as a tantalizing appetizer.

Claire Forest Ornament 2-1000624

Claire Fullerton is the author of “A Portal in Time” and “Dancing to an Irish Reel,” both from Vinspire Publishing. She is an award winning essayist, a contributor to magazines (including “Southern Writers Magazine”) and a five time contributor to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series. Claire grew up in Memphis, TN and now divides her time between Malibu and Carmel, CA with her husband, two German shepherds and one black cat. Currently, she is writing her third novel.

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