A Fine Pair of Shoes and Other Stories by Clare Flynn

A Fine Pair of Shoes Cover LARGE EBOOK-1A Fine Pair of Shoes and Other Stories by Clare Flynn
A Tapestry of True Tales from Then and Now

A collection of nine short stories from award-winning historical fiction author Clare Flynn.

There are five historical tales – four based on stories from her family history, and a tragic tale, A Mother’s Love, from eighteenth century Sussex. The title story, A Fine Pair of Shoes, started out with her wish to capture and embroider the bare bones of a family story, based on her paternal great-great-grandparents’ trip to The Great Exhibition of 1851.

The Proposal draws on the tragic death of Clare’s maternal grandfather, killed on the Liverpool docks in 1934 when her mother was six.

She has also branched out into contemporary fiction with four intriguing stories – modern morality tales, set in England, Paris, the USA and an island in the Indian Ocean.
“Beautifully crafted, vividly brought to life on the page” these quirky stories give an insight into human nature at its best – and its worst.

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Clare FlynnClare Flynn Biography

Clare Flynn is the author of five historical novels, set in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She is a former global marketing director and owner of a strategy consultancy. After spells living and working in London, Paris, Milan, Sydney and Brussels, she now lives on the south coast of England.

In between writing novels she loves to paint and make quilts and she can see the sea and the South Downs from her windows. As often as possible she indulges her wanderlust by travel and pretends it’s all the name of research.
Clare’s novels feature places she knows well and she does extensive research to build the period and geographic flavour of her books. A common theme to her books is displacement ­– people forced out of their comfortable and familiar way of life and compelled to adapt to difficult and hostile circumstances often in a distant land.


Private Playground – journeys through law by AJ Waheed

playgroundfinalPrivate Playground – journeys through law

Who’s really in charge at today’s law firms? Are the guardians of the law now putting profit before morals? Why has the Middle East become a playground for the legal elite? How can you go from being a high-flyer one day to being thrown under a bus the next? And can you really lose your job over an innocuous email?

The financial crisis of 2008 has changed the nature of the world’s largest law firms. The power of partners has given way to the rise of the senior management team. A trend that, at times, has produced the real ‘silent killer’ of the legal profession.

In Private Playground, AJ Waheed provides the insider’s view of these developments. Working in Dubai, as a senior manager at the heart of one of the region’s largest law firms, she witnessed how changes in management structure has led to a subsequent decline in morals and culture, eventually leading to a Sunday from hell. You will meet the good, the bad and the ugly of a law firm and experience the sometimes surreal way such organisations are run.

Waheed also provides an overview of the current legal world: and describes how and why it’s changed. Dubious practices are highlighted in two case studies covering the collapse of a billion dollar global law firm and the abandonment of a partner by his own colleagues.

Informative, funny and, at times, shocking, Private Playground is an expert summary of the legal world as well as a personal journey through the inner workings of a modern firm. It is a book that will open your eyes to how the law really works in today’s world.



Return of the Christmas Spirit Tour Banner

Christmas is just around the corner when Star begins working at Butterburn library, but not everyone is embracing the spirit of the season.
Sixteen-year-old Arianna’s mock exams are looming and she’s feeling under pressure. With her father living abroad and her mother working three jobs, she doesn’t have much support at home.
The bank is threatening to repossess Evan’s house, and he has no idea how he’s going to get through Christmas with two children who are used to getting everything they want.
Patricia’s cliché of a husband, after 23 years of marriage, has announced he’s moving out of the family home, and moving in with his secretary.
Daniel is doing the work of three people in his sales job, as well as looking after his kids and his wife. Pulled in too many different directions, he’s feeling stressed out.
Can Star, the library’s Good Samaritan, help set them on the path to happiness this Christmas?



twitterpicSusan Buchanan lives in Central Scotland with her partner, Tony, and their two children. She is the author of three other novels: The Christmas Spirit, The Dating Game, and Sign of the Times. Return of the Christmas Spirit is her fourth book. She is currently working on her fifth book, What If.

Susan is also a proofreader, editor, and translator, and when not working, writing, or caring for her two delightful cherubs, loves reading, the theatre, quiz shows, and eating out – not necessarily in that order!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/susan.buchanan.author
Twitter: susan_buchanan
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Blood Royals By T.Y. Tuck

41tRJLzYkQL._UY250_Most women can look back at their childhoods and remember playing with make-up and dolls. Tasiya has none of those memories. But she can remember the first time she killed. Lord Dalhouse, a masked man disfigured by disease, claims Tasiya’s kingdom for his own but not before slaying her parents and driving her twin brothers into hiding. Tasiya, now Dalhouse’s prisoner and guardian of his neglected daughter, discovers that she has dark magical powers that allow her to manipulate blood and raise the dead. However a mishap involving her new abilities inadvertently sets off a chain of events that lands the wrong person in the throne and awakens a darkness in her that is driven by blood lust and revenge. Years pass and the dust seems to settle, but when The Eternal Flame is extinguished, the war is put in motion all over again.

51sBde9y4DL._UX250_T.Y. Tuck was born in 1991 to a black father and Korean mother who met in New York in the 1980’s. She graduated university in 2013 and has been actively pursuing a career in writing as well as working in marketing ever since. When she is not penning novels, you can find her contributing to pop culture sites as well as causing a stir on Twitter with her lack of self awareness and inhibitions.

Per-Bast: A Tale of Cats in Ancient Egypt by Lara-Dawn Stiegler

 Per-Bast: A Tale of Cats in Ancient Egypt

2007 winner of Foreward Magazine’s Book of the Year Award for YA fiction.
As a plague spreads over Egypt, Neferure’s feline kind are the first to endure the fatal consequences. Ramses III, Egypt’s last great pharaoh, has saved the empire from countless incursions, but after many wars the kingdom is on the brink of bankruptcy. Labour strife, shifting allegiances, and now this deadly plague threaten to bring a close to Egypt’s Golden Age.

When the High Priest of Karnak Temple is found dead in a fire, Neferure is convinced that the death is not natural. Her love, Sahu, who would never leave her, is gone in that very blaze. With none acknowledging the deaths as mysterious, Neferure alone will hunt to uncover answers. What she will find is that a promise can defy death, and that a sinister plot threatens all of Egypt – one that reaches into the realm of the gods.


As a plague spreads over Egypt, Neferure finds herself stranded in the turmoil surrounding death. A promise has been silenced; a piece of her heart torn away; and the High Priest of Karnak Temple has just been entombed. In the wake of her loss, Neferure alone will hunt to uncover answers, and will unveil a sinister plot threatening all of Egypt – one that reaches into the realm of the gods.

Driven by an unfulfilled promise, one cat will unveil a dark secret behind an ancient myth.


Reviews on Amazon.com: 5.0 out of 5 stars
 Purr-fectly Splendid October 10, 2008
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
Per-Bast is a Purr-fectly splendid novel . . . a great read for everyone and especially for anyone who loves cats and ancient Egypt. The author masterfully blends history with myth and legend in this unique fictional, albeit realistically insightful, mystery tale of cats in ancient Egypt. Ms. Stiegler has a true story-telling gift which builds the reader’s interest while stimulating the imagination. Her descriptive writing style breathes life into the text, creating visions of an ancient time and place which, like ancient hieroglyphics, brings them into the realm of eternal life through the written word . . . FIVE STARS
ImageTwitter – https://twitter.com/DawnStiegler

Siege of the Heart by Elise Cyr

ImageSiege of the Heart:

He fought for king and country, but that battle was nothing compared to the one he’ll wage for a woman’s heart.

Still reeling from the news of her father’s death during the Norman Conquest, Isabel Dumont is unprepared when trouble arrives at the castle gates. Alexandre d’Évreux, a Norman knight with close ties to England’s new king, has arrived to secure the land and the loyalties of the Dumont family. Desperate to protect her people, Isabel strives to keep the confounding knight at arm’s length and hide the truth about her father’s death.

For Alexandre, the spoils of war come with more than just a generous gift of land. They come with Isabel Dumont. Vowing to marry only for love, Alexandre finds himself in a difficult situation as a conqueror granted dominion over the land and its people. Isabel is the one person capable of helping him win the regard of those living in the war-torn country…if he chooses to accept her.

Just when Alexandre finds a spark of hope that he and Isabel have a chance at love, she vanishes. His quest to find her plunges him deeper into the conquest’s fallout. Was she taken? Or did she leave?

CONTENT WARNING: Entering into this novel may cause extreme affection toward knights of old, admiration for strong-willed women, and the overwhelming belief that love really can conquer all.

Publisher Link: http://lyricalpress.com/siege-of-the-heart/

Amazon.com Link (print links forthcoming): http://www.amazon.com/Siege-Of-Heart-Elise-Cyr-ebook/dp/B00J0FILLQ/


They stood there like hunter and prey, but she would be no man’s quarry.

“I am Alexandre d’Évreux. But you, my dear, can call me Alex. I am here to escort Lord Dumont and his family to London, where he is to greet King William. I chose to ignore your questionable arrival when you were with fever.” He walked toward her with a decided prowl to his gait. “Now, I will wait no longer for answers.”

Isabel lifted her chin. “I have questions of my own.”

“I am sure. But first, Lady Isabel, you will explain to me why Matilde thought it necessary to hide your identity from me.”

“I know not.” Her gaze swept over him once more. “Perhaps she thought your intentions were dishonorable.”

A muscle worked in his jaw. “Matilde is extremely loyal to you, no doubt. I assure you, I am acting under orders from William himself. No harm will come to you or your family, but I expect your cooperation.”

She stiffened. “Am I a prisoner?”

“Non, not unless you refuse to cooperate. I only intend to be your family’s escort to London. How easy or difficult that is will be up to you.”

About Elise Cyr:

I’ve always loved adventure, romance, and happy endings. I write primarily in the medieval period. Because there’s still so much we don’t know about that time in history, the writer’s imagination is essential for fleshing out the research and making it come to life on the page. Plus swords and castles are just plain fun.

I live in New Mexico with my husband and the sweetest dog ever. When I’m not writing, I hike, bike, cook, and (of course) read. You can follow me on Twitter,PinterestGoodreads, or check out my blog



Against the Edge by Kat Martin

New York Times best selling author, Kat Martin. Featuring her romantic suspense novel, Against the Edge. This is the
8th romantic suspense book in the wildly popular Against Series. The first
7 books all hit the New York Times bestseller lists.
A child he’s never met. A danger he’s never known.

That he’s a father is news former navy SEAL Ben Slocum was not expecting.
But once the initial shock wears off for the confirmed bachelor, he takes
in the rest of what social worker Claire Chastain tells him: that his son
is missing, abducted by a man who wants revenge against Claire and Sam’s
dead mother. And that Ben is now the child’s only hope.

As Ben and Claire band together to track the two down, their concern for
Sam draws them closer, each fighting feelings there’s no time to explore.
Because when their search takes them too close to Sam’s abductor and his
cohorts, the danger hits home-the son he’s desperate to save, the woman
he’s desperate to love…. Ben’s got one chance to take back what’s his,
and in one gunshot he could lose it all.

Against the Edge is available in both print and e-book versions.

Kat Martin is ranked in the top 20 on Amazon.com for Romantic Suspense

againsttheoddsauthorAbout the Author:
New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin is a graduate of the
University of California at Santa Barbara where she majored in
Anthropology and History. Currently residing with her Western-author
husband, Larry Jay Martin, in Missoula, Montana, Kat has written over
fifty bestselling novels, including Historical, Romantic Suspense, and
Contemporary. Over twelve million copies of her books are in print and she
has been published in a dozen foreign countries. Among her many awards,
Kat has won the prestigious Romantic Times Magazine Career Achievement

Website: http://www.KatMartin.com

Against the Edge
Author: Kat Martin
Publisher: MIRA Books
ISBN: 978-0778314431
Published: April 2013
Pages: 400