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Tilting your gaze is about seeing life differently.  It allows you to change your everyday dramas from where they are now.  Today’s problems require modern reflections and so Tilt is a book of wisdoms that reference Michael Jackson, art and fame as much as love and the Divine.  This is truly a new way to rule your world where balance is key.
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Rajendra M Shepherd is a possibility thinker, interested in the gap between the positive you aspire to and the life you see.  Over the years he has studied different forms of meditation.  He is a journalist and teacher of communication and linguistics at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago
I teach at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago and have written a book on positive thinking.  It’s not explicitly Caribbean, but it does aim to reach out to urban youth (everywhere) and I’d love for Caribbean boys to see it.  I visited a youth prison some time ago and was buoyed by the genuine interest these young men had in self-definition (and largely that they were seeking direction).  They inspired me to write this book.


” THE LIGHT ” is not a story, a theory or a new meditation philosophy, the light is a healing book . Prepare yourself to a spiritual journey into man existence. ’’A healing mystery which will lead you to clarity’’ is the right way to describe this unique text. ‘’ The source is light, and light is all; it’s the essence of the cycle. Light is a flowing stream contain awareness, it’s the source of all creation, the light create all dimension and manifest all living thing , the light can be seen or unseen’’ We are all one and one is all; we are all enlightened yet awaiting to be awakened. Enlightenment is a state of mind, which appears when you are able to see the truth. The truth can only be found within you.You will slowly become a witness of your own being, realizing why and how people creating their own misery; now your light can be seen ,this is the evidence of your experience with your true nature ; you fulfill your life purpose on your final destination of merging with the main stream of light. The book text will help you to unveil your inner light and lead you to a deep self-realization.


Ofer cohen is a known astrologer, tarot master and a spiritual teacher. He was born into a family known into the occult and mysticism for decades. His spiritual career started in early life with future telling through people pictures and with his hobby of making traditional herbal medicine .Until the age of 38 he was mastering tarot reading and western astrology with many TV and radio appearances. In 1999 his life dramatically change after traveling to the northern mountain region of India where he spend few years writing , reading ,teaching and studying the occult .His ability to accurately predict people lives was quickly discovered by people from all over Asia. Between his clients you will find movie actors ,TV celebs, world bankers and industrial companies who consult him regularly. He is especially known for his match making consulting and business forecasts. In some of his early news articles- 2000 to 2005 – he gave many accurate world predictions which are now taking place. Since 2007 he is the Hello magazine astrologer living and working in Thailand. His book ”THE LIGHT” is known between many spiritual seekers in Asia .The book consider as enlightenment book with the purpose of healing and contain the basic aspects of his teaching in Asia.


This book is about the magic Mhairi met as a child in Scotland, where the old ways of country life were competing with the new technology, new society and new opportunities.
Stories of horse husbandry, animal healing and growing up with extraordinary abilities with living creatures are mixed delightfully with humour, questions and opinions. Moving beyond mere history, she offers the possibility that many people could do more than they think, connecting to the natural world and exerting more influence for good.
In a journey around the spiritual aspect of life, she compares traditional with modern, scientific with intuitive, consumerism with consideration. Her great honesty offers many chances for the reader to say “Yes I wondered that too”, to question whether the world has to be the way it is, and to find new answers for personal progress. She ends up with a collection of exercises to help anyone who wishes to explore their inner being to re-find their natural place in the world.
At the meeting point of two cultures where life and death, progress and stability, and identity and anxiety all swirl and mingle, she has an opportunity to be more than a just a bridge…


Crystal Wand Healing:
Illness and injury have become an accepted part of our lives. However, we can all do more to help ourselves and others gain an improvement in health or achieve complete recovery from illness.
Through experiments with using a Crystal Wand, Richard Gentle takes you on a unique tour of healing.
You will be guided through the process of natural healing, learn how to increase your own healing ability through simple exercises, make your own Crystal Wand, and discover the enormous benefits obtainable through Personal Action Intervention.
How We Perform Negative Miracles:
Every day of our lives we witness amazing things. Some events we perceive as enjoyable and others as simply annoying! All events are recorded but our unconscious feeling and our conscious thought often interpret things differently.
How we Perform Negative Miracles is all about helping people to realise that we have a big say in creating the life we experience. We can actually produce our own positive miracles and it is so simple! This booklet gives you valuable insight into how.

More Than You Think:
Do you know why you are here?
Do you know why physical reality was created?
Do you know why science and spirituality are both right?
Do you know why everyone has a different experience – and why some people have a better experience than others?
Do you know why large numbers of humans could be removed from the planet?
Well – if you want to know, you’d better read this book immediately!

A collection of poems by Richard Gentle. Most were written between 1980 and 1983 and a couple have been composed for this collection.


Quantum Mass Superstructures – creating the world you experience:
What if the world you experience isn’t all that it seems?
What if you literally create the experiences you have?
This may be something that you are already familiar with and for centuries people from many different civilizations have been telling us this very same thing. But, do you really understand or do you just think that you understand?
What is truth? What is real? Can you really change everything?
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Richard Gentle is a writer based in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.  He has researched and explored the hidden side of life for over 30 years, culminating in a number of books, including: ‘How We Perform Negative Miracles’ and ‘Quantum Mass 


FabricJessica says:
My poetry will not baffle you with phrasing that scholars award for academic genius and that can only be understood by those who wrote it. My poetry is for the everyday reader. In fact, it is even for those who don’t like to read poetry at all. Because it is real, stark and simple.

The poems in Fabric are no different. They explore specific moments in different people’s lives that are significant to whom they have become, the choices they’ve made. It’s about how they perceive the world around them, and how each and every one of their thoughts and actions contributes to the fabric of society. Perhaps you will even learn something new about yourself.

So, even if you do not usually read poetry, I urge you to give this one a go. Not because I want sales (though, they are fun!), but because I want more people to understand that not all poetry is scary and complex. Not all poetry is going to take you back to high school English, and not all poetry is going make you feel “stupid”.

You can still say to people that you don’t read poetry … I really don’t mind. Because if you read Fabric, you’re not reading poetry, you’re reading about people. And that’s what reading is about, yes? Living the lives of others?

Are you still here? I hope so!
Please support the life of poetry today by spreading the news about Fabric. Hey, perhaps you might even like to purchase a copy for yourself? The e-book is only $1.99 and the paperback $5.50.
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Let’s keep poetry alive! Because not all poetry is “dead” boring …
About Jessica Bell:
If Jessica Bell could choose only one creative mentor, she’d give the role to Euterpe, the Greek muse of music and lyrics. And not because she currently lives in Greece, either. The Australian-native author, poet and singer/songwriter/guitarist has her roots firmly planted in music, and admits inspiration often stems from lyrics she’s written.

She is the Co-Publishing Editor of Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and co-hosts the Homeric Writers’ Retreat & Workshop on the Greek Isle of Ithaca, with Chuck Sambuchino of Writer’s Digest.

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Winning a competition for school children in the UK when Glynis Smy was twelve years old (1970’s), set her on the path of writing poetry, but never having the confidence to show others, they were kept hidden. Her emotions were allowed to flood a page, these works were too private to share.
During her nursing years many poems were written during the quiet times, while caring for a dying patient, sadly a large collection of works were lost, never to be rewritten.
The loss of many family and friends triggered a new direction in her life, and at the age of fifty she decided it was time to share her work.
Sitting in the vineyard hills in her new home on the island of Cyprus, Glynis wrote a small collection as a tribute to her island home, then she gathered her personal, emotional and humourous poetry and self published From My Heart Inside My Head.
The book has sold in the UK, Cyprus and USA, via www.lulu.com.
Second book, Sticky Sandwiches. The title of the book is taken from a poem with the same name.
Sticky Sandwiches
When I was a child on a sunny day
In fields of gold I’d run and play
My kingdom an immortal place
Amongst wild flowers I’d skip and chase
Gathering wood to make a home
Amongst each ditch and hedge I’d roam
Sandwiches sticky in paper bag
Tatty doll on ground I’d drag
I’d play for hours with imagined friend
Oh how I wished those days would never end
Then trotting home through the gate
To the reality of life, I was never late
I knew the rules of my parents’ home
In the days when it was safe to play alone
Copyright © GJSmy 2007

The new collection is not as personal as the first book and Glynis introduces new styles, making this an interesting compilation of works. 


Elaine’s book
“Parkinson’s, shaken, not stirred” is a collection of poems offering
support and comfort to fellow sufferers and caregivers, relating to their daily
struggles. From personal experience she has written with stark raw honesty and
humour, something patients nor doctors rarely get to read which has captured
attention world-wide. Elaine has poured her heart and soul into this book,
giving a fresh perspective from the patient’s view, which holds a strong
message of hope, living a full happy life despite ill health and adversity,
whilst raising greater awareness of these two diseases to the general public.


Elaine was born in 1963, England, writing poetry and short stories since she was a child. Diagnosed at the age of five with Gaucher disease; a rare chronic inherited disorder caused by a genetic mutation, for which there is no cure. At the age of 44, she was dealt a second blow being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. As her life began to rapidly change, she began to write poems expressing what so many sufferers were going through but unable to put into words. With the desire to help others in the same situation, a book was born. Feeling she had something unique to offer, she also started  writing a daily blog http://elainebenton.blogspot.com/ touching on varied topics all relating to living with chronic disease. Through public speaking Elaine is turning her hardships into something of value and purpose, contributing to society by speaking at various organisations and groups; her aim is to educate and inform. What started off as a book has spiraled into an entire project as she battles each day with determination, great spirit and humour.