Mind, Body & Spirit: Personal Growth

ImageYou2Preneur – is a nonfiction most properly placed in the ‘Mind Body Spirit’ and/or ‘Personal Growth’ arenas.

Whether it’s delivering an explosive courtroom bomb, captivating live audiences with aplomb – or nailing gifted guitar shredding from any stage de ‘nom – VANAD, wherever he treads – makes sure these twelve critical lugnuts are torqued pure and positive to protect all that is life, liquidity and limb. VANAD says: “Launch solo, but think hard about these 12 recipes before you enter the race.” Because at the same time that he continues to take proper advantage of opportunities that continually advance his own drums of domination … he simply says to the reader: “You2”! Together, you and the ones you choose … you will combine your spirit, forces and rocketing overdrive to ensure that hard, fast and heavy – stays on track. Wheels spinning smooth. Your winning groove.

Internet hyperspace! There has never been a better time nor historical age than now – to launch your face, talent, name and product or service. To one other person. To the world. There are scads of business books and how-to manuals to choose from. You2Preneur is none of these. Read, be transported by the stories and advice – and – be entertained by this book, but beware! VANAD’s dead-on subtitle: Twelve Nuts Torqued for Maximum Life Momentum keys on those things that if left unaddressed, even just one ………….. well they’re the kind of issues that if left loose and free to flap and flop, may cause even the most determined entrepreneur to do just that. Or worse. Your ugly and painful demise may be on the short menu. And if that doesn’t undercut a business flop. What else does?

The heart of You2Preneur is the one that beats with yours at any given moment. Successful people don’t do anything alone. Not for long. Don’t roadblock your climb out of obscurity. Don’t acquiesce to the chain that keeps you at the company grind you are now in. Forget the wallowing and plan now for your breakout. You’d best tighten these 12 lugnuts first! You2Preneur is your mindset. The one that causes you to laugh and learn about yourself. It’s twelve ‘think-tank’ topics VANAD is devoted to because they’re critical to life, luxury and limb. These tender and tenacious twists will provide the right fuel and ignition for the reader to uncover their own loose lugnuts. Everybody has some. Which ones will you work on applying just the right amount of torque to in your own life? And which ones as yet undiscovered by VANAD, will you add on your own?

ImageAuthor Bio and Website: http://you2preneur.com/


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