In Memory of Jan Harper

LouieJan Harper pen name Louie Jerome, and I set up a blog, The Book Blogger and kick started the idea together that we wanted to showcase other authors. Jan was my writing buddy although we never met in the flesh. She spurred me onto write more than poetry and without her I would not have written my first novel. Jan sadly passed away August 2010. I continue this site under its new name in her memory. RIP Jan, I miss you and thank you for believing in me.

Peter and The Black Dog by Louie Jerome



Peter And The Black Dog has taken several years to write and has been completed several times, scrapped, and rewritten. Writing it has been something of a catharsis in the life of the author and it is with great excitement that she now looks forward to the release of this, her second book.
There is also an element of sadness and loss at having finished working on something that has been around for so long.
‘Things got really bad when I was given a gift for my birthday. It was a red and yellow tricycle with a trailer on the back, and I was madly pedalling the thing around and around the courtyard at the back of our flat. My friends, Peter and the Black Dog, were riding in the back, and we were really laughing and enjoying the game. I see the whole scene clearly in my mind’s eye, as though it had been only yesterday. My brother, who is two years younger than me, came outside and wanted to ride in the trailer. I refused to let him because my friends were in there.
He threw a tantrum and ran screaming to our mother. She was very angry and punished me for telling lies and being such a greedy, selfish child. Looking back, I see her point of view. She was, in her opinion, faced with a child who was either telling blatant lies, or clearly had a mental problem’
~ From: Peter And The Black Dog. ©Louie Jerome 2009

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