Attention: How to Submit for Book Showcase #TheVirtualBookcase

Please email me at:

Subject Line: Submission The Virtual Bookcase

A short hello is polite before you get down to business.

I do not accept payment for a basic post (should you like to purchase one of my books, that is payment enough.) The post remains until it reaches the archive stage, so you have several weeks of prominent placement as it moves down the ranks.

If you would like your book to sit in a permanent position on a page in its genre, I charge a one-off payment:

£5  /  $7  via paypal– request the page in submission email. It stays on the page for as long as the site is active. It’s been going for over six years and over 600 authors have chosen to sit on the bookcase shelf. 

I ask that you Tweet out using #TheVirtualBookcase  @GlynisSmy

Please note I do not review your books nor always purchase them.

Take a good look around the site and get a feel of how I post the books.

Please ensure you have tidy links: Twitter  Facebook   Amazon UK  

DO NOT FORGET TO ATTACH LINKS TO PURCHASE etc. You’d be surprised how many people forget, and I am so busy I can no longer chase them up for you.

Two reviews and a short excerpt are accepted.

JPEG pics only. Doc format only – please, no PDF files.

I accept self-published and published books in all genre. Please, accept I  have the right to say no and the right not to give a reason for not showcasing.


I’m not as fierce as the rules sound 🙂


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