Fix Your Book … eBook Fix


What can writers do when they have finished formatting their book and try to upload the ebook-version on Amazon or Smashwords, only to discover there’s something wrong with the file? And of course, the error message doesn’t say what or where or how to fix it… Well, they have three options, mainly. Either they try to fix the darn file at random, receive more error messages and go crazy; or they refrain from publishing at all and become frustrated and bitter; or—they check out this new website, has been created by graphic designer and writer Dieter Moitzi in 2013 because he has noticed that many of his writer friends spend too much time trying to format their books when, in his eyes, they should be writing. After helping out one of his friends, he has decided to offer his professional know-how to all the writers out there who need a helping hand with all issues related to self-publishing ebooks on Amazon or Smashwords.


If you are a writer, check out the website, and you’ll see that the rates are surprisingly low, the service professional and fast. Some pricing examples: if you want to have your ebook checked for eventual errors, that service is completely free! Should there be errors, ebook-fix provides an error-free file for only $9.99.

There’s the complete Formatting Service for as low as $0.25 per page, the Proofreading Service for $0.40 p

er page, and the Cover Design Service at a fixed price of $99. Plus the website provides some interesting, supplementary Freebies. For more information, visit the website at



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