Calandra’s Spring by Wendy Rawady

Calandra D’Arcy, trapped in a body that has not aged since pre-puberty, suffers the frustration and loneliness of an adult woman. To survive, she must find a mysterious spring, the source of chemicals needed to bring her back to the age of her long-lost first love, Aaron Kreisler whom she cunningly ropes in to help her quest. Their strategy to beat Big Cosmetics and a Gypsy family – apparently in the Corporation’s pocket – to the site of the spring, involves violence and sexual tension that is far outside their comfort zone.

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Wendy Rawady has had a long career as a producer/writer/researcher, mainly in Australian TV (working on everything from news, game shows to huge red carpet events) but also for a couple of award winning films. Now she is a ‘citizen of the world’ travelling and writing fictional stories inspired by that travel. She has been kissed by Will Smith, Dudley Moore, the legendary Burl Ives, Clive James and many other intriguing celebrities but that’s a very different book. At the moment she is in Mexico, but who knows, she could soon be in a neighbourhood near you!