The Startup Affair by Sandra Smith

A Startup Affair (1).jpgThe Startup Affair by Sandra Smith
“A slow-burn, that takes a while to catch fire, but when it does you won’t be able to put it down. A clever mix of infidelity, blackmail and startup culture commentary. Not your typical romantic suspense, but a reworking of a genre that will certainly benefit from a fresh voice on the scene. Sandra Smith is an original.” – Good Books Today

When unhappily married thirty-something, Cassie Jones, lands a new job as a marketing manager for an advertising-technology startup, she finally feels she may have a purpose in life beyond looking after her young son, and volatile, ex-Navy husband. But as soon as she meets the company’s enigmatic cofounder and chief engineer, Adam Crossley, Cassie feels powerfully drawn to him, despite the fact he is also married with children.

Cassie is old and wise enough to know that embarking on an affair, with anyone, let alone the cofounder of her new company is a bad idea. But as time goes on, the pair can’t control their feelings for one another, and they fall headlong into an illicit relationship, bringing about potentially devastating repercussions for everyone involved.

Things come to head when a researcher for News Group, a media conglomerate, catches wind of the affair after an illegal sting operation, and embarks on a malicious blackmail attempt. The lovers soon realise they have more at stake than just their marriages, as they become pawns caught in the crossfire of a hostile takeover bid from the company’s largest competitor.

Cassie is determined not to let anyone jeopardise the company’s destiny, after seeing how much of Adam’s blood, sweat and tears have been poured into building its technology, over the last four years. Adam is determined to protect his newfound love at all costs.

Will a drastic plan of action be enough to untangle the lovers from the toxic web of blackmail, intrigue, and cold-blooded murder?

Will they pull off an elaborate coup, in order to keep the company – and their relationship – alive?

Or will they end up in prison for the rest of their lives, sorry that they had ever met each other?

Read the jaw-dropping debut from new voice in the romantic suspense genre, Sandra Smith, to find out what fate has in store for Cassie and Adam.

Inspired by authors Paula Hawkins, Harriet Lane, and Gillian Flynn.

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Sandra Smith is a professional writer based in south west England. Prior to writing full time, she worked as a marketing executive for a number of technology and publishing companies in the UK and US. In addition to fiction, Sandra has released a series of cooking and lifestyle books and is a regular blogger on social media.

Sandra’s favourite fiction sub-genres to write for are romantic, technological and psychological thrillers, as well as non-fiction covering marketing, business, cooking and healthy lifestyle.

Sandra holds a degree in history from King’s College London and a certificate in psychology from UC Berkeley extension. She lives with her husband and son.


First Life by Stella Bonanno

BickhamCover.jpg“I only hope as dangerous as he is, his danger will be the very thing that saves me. But, it could also be the very thing that destroys me.”

19 year old Katarina Levy has only ever wanted to live a normal life away from the dangers and confinements of her deranged father, a Russian crime boss.

Lost in a haze of confusion, Kat awakens in the dead of night abandoned miles from home, deep in the forest. She is left wondering if this could be the bitter ending of her life or the sweet redemption she’s been longing for?

Until she finds solace in two brothers.

Brothers, Michael and Chris Cage, experienced an upbringing full of betrayal – torment no children should ever endure. All grown up, the brothers now strive to live a semi-normal life, all the while secluded from society deep in the woods of Abbotsford, British Columbia.

But when the past catches up to the present, decisions are forced to be made, directly effecting their relationships.

“Not truly believing he would hurt me—until, he did and I proved myself wrong. I only became vulnerable to his brutality.”

A review that is taken straight from Goodreads is:

Nov 24, 2015Ia Fai rated it really liked it
First life is a good story..a movie the author claims full of suspense romance and thriller,
you will know that as you read and tend to finish in one sitting or two at max !
Edwina Tony rated it it was amazing
I am fond of reading suspense stories and this book of Stella Bonanno is a sure hit and i really enjoy the plot as
it is a nerve racking suspense story of a young girl who find a new life in a new secluded world with 2 strange men.
A best novel you would dare skipping a moment when you have started it..Highly recommended..
First Life (Life Unveiled Book 1) eBook: Stella Bonanno: Kindle Store

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Soul Survival: Instinct and Passion by Kelsey L. Alvarez

Soul Survival KLAEasy Tweet : Soul Survival: Instinct and Passion by Kelsey L. Alvarez  #TheVirtualBookcase #Readers #Authors #Books

Strangers Valerie and Ethan have both hit rock bottom. Their many issues—depression and apathy, an abusive spouse and bad life decisions—push them to seek out each other on nonphysical planes. Neither knows exactly why, but they develop a persistent need to find the other and distinguish together what is real in their dreamlike world.

Enter Emerson and Preston—a pair as close to soul mates as any couple could be. Born at the exact same time, their meeting at age five was only a formality; their souls having been linked since long before. Together they developed unique mental and physical abilities due to their exceptional neural makeup and bond. Instead of using their gifts for ill, the only thing they ever want to do is love each other for as long and profoundly as possible.

When their skills are discovered, Emerson and Preston are taken and put through a series of experiments to study and exploit what they have, to the detriment of thousands. With the lovers disabled, it is left to the damaged pair to right the wrongs being done. Ethan and Valerie set out in this romantic sci-fi series to solve a problem far beyond their own understanding, and perhaps obtain a fraction of the love the other two have in the process.

Author Bio:

Kelsey L. Alvarez, or known as KLA by those close, is new to self publishing but by no means new to writing. With an advanced degree in Public Relations, KLA is more than happy to pay the bills by working on speech writing, social media copy, annual reports, features, etc. However at one point the draw of these storylines, long simmering in KLA’s mind, could no longer be ignored.

With that said, KLA began the process of creating the characters and stories that demanded not just focus but heart. The hope is that the individuals shaped aren’t seen as two dimensional, but as the flawed imperfect, yet passionate and persistent people that they are. With elements of science fiction and humor, the main drive in the Soul Survival series is the romantic bond between the lovers.

It’s also a little wishful thinking that KLA created a relationship between two of the leads that more than likely could only exist in fiction. The concept that the profound soul-level union between them existed before life, and will continue to do so long after physical death, surviving and sustaining difficulties both subtle and intense, is one that always appealed to the author. You’ll notice though the emphasis, at least on the character’s part, is to come at their gift from God in the most simple ways. They never knew anything else, would never want to be with anyone else, and find both refuge and salvation in each other’s arms.

They don’t just live and breathe one another, they are each other’s breath.

Amazon Reviews:


Meeting at age five, Emerson and Preston have a bond that transcends their current lives. Ethan and Valerie are looking for more. The charismatic characters intertwine to create a thrilling romantic suspense filled with mysticism and drama; including the input from a healer, a shrink, dreams, meditations, a ragging husband, and much more.

“…a single tear fell out as she did her best to remember his touch, his kiss, the feeling of him.”

“Soul Survival” will keep you entertained and engaged, wondering how it all turns out in the end…and wondering if scenarios really happen or only in fiction. Bravo to Alvarez for a well-written thriller that delivers.

Amazon Customer

I loved this story, it’s not the typical, sappy kind of love story, it doesn’t happen over night and it doesn’t ONLY focus on the magic. it shows the struggles of the characters and expresses their thoughts and emotions without being in first person. it has a wonderful story line and an even cooler writing style.The characters are relateable and it’s like you get to know them. The length was great and so was everything else.

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Reverb by J. Cafesin

518rrMVhrCL._AA160_James Whren is brilliant, beautiful, rich, and taken—with his genius for creating music. Desired by many, he commits to no one but his muse. On the eve of his brother’s funeral his father shatters his life, and James is left abandoned in hell with no one real to save him.

Until Elisabeth, and her son, Cameron.

Reverb is a love story, a psychological thriller paced with romantic suspense. Spun from The Magus (John Fowles), also about a man who learns to love someone other than himself, and way beyond 50 Shades of Gray (E.L. James), Reverb is told like Crime and Punishment, modern, tight, dark, edgy verging on sharp. It’s like nothing you’ve read, guaranteed.

Two review quotes:
5/5 Stars / Top Pick! “This is one of those stories that pulls you in immediately and has you frantically turning the pages to see what happens next.”–Diana Coyle, Night Owl Reviews

“5 Stars. Brilliant and masterfully written! From paragraph one I was already deeply involved. This book was written by someone who knows how to get into people’s heads.”-Jennifer Elizabeth Hyndman, Amazon Reviewer



Against the Edge by Kat Martin

New York Times best selling author, Kat Martin. Featuring her romantic suspense novel, Against the Edge. This is the
8th romantic suspense book in the wildly popular Against Series. The first
7 books all hit the New York Times bestseller lists.
A child he’s never met. A danger he’s never known.

That he’s a father is news former navy SEAL Ben Slocum was not expecting.
But once the initial shock wears off for the confirmed bachelor, he takes
in the rest of what social worker Claire Chastain tells him: that his son
is missing, abducted by a man who wants revenge against Claire and Sam’s
dead mother. And that Ben is now the child’s only hope.

As Ben and Claire band together to track the two down, their concern for
Sam draws them closer, each fighting feelings there’s no time to explore.
Because when their search takes them too close to Sam’s abductor and his
cohorts, the danger hits home-the son he’s desperate to save, the woman
he’s desperate to love…. Ben’s got one chance to take back what’s his,
and in one gunshot he could lose it all.

Against the Edge is available in both print and e-book versions.

Kat Martin is ranked in the top 20 on for Romantic Suspense

againsttheoddsauthorAbout the Author:
New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin is a graduate of the
University of California at Santa Barbara where she majored in
Anthropology and History. Currently residing with her Western-author
husband, Larry Jay Martin, in Missoula, Montana, Kat has written over
fifty bestselling novels, including Historical, Romantic Suspense, and
Contemporary. Over twelve million copies of her books are in print and she
has been published in a dozen foreign countries. Among her many awards,
Kat has won the prestigious Romantic Times Magazine Career Achievement


Against the Edge
Author: Kat Martin
Publisher: MIRA Books
ISBN: 978-0778314431
Published: April 2013
Pages: 400

The Guardian’s Angel by Lorrie Farrelly

“I’ll protect my boy with my life, but I don’t know how to reach him. He’s locked in his own world, and time is running out.”

Seattle Police Detective J.D. McCammon is desperate.

The troubled, challenged child he loves has witnessed a terrible crime. Now both are hunted, their lives in extreme danger, and young Tommy cannot break out of his confusion and isolation enough to tell J.D. what he saw.

Child behavioral therapist Libby Driscoll has fears and struggles of her own. Helping J.D. and Tommy will force her to risk everything: her fragile and hard-won security, her wary heart, and – above all – her very life.

Share their exciting, emotional, edge-of-your-seat journey with THE GUARDIAN’S ANGEL!

When nobody knows what to do with a troubled, damaged kid, it’s time to call Elizabeth Driscoll. A wary, vulnerable, unusually intuitive young woman, Libby has a knack for helping children that others have given up on.

Certainly nobody knows what to do with Tommy Madden, least of all his fiercely devoted guardian, Seattle Police Detective J.D. McCammon. McCammon believes the autistic little boy witnessed a double murder: his mother and his father, the city’s District Attorney. J.D. is determined to help and protect Tommy at all costs, and somehow, find a way to communicate with him.

When Tommy’s life is threatened by the corrupt organization that killed his parents, J.D. and Libby take him on a desperate and dangerous flight to safety. They must place their trust in one another to escape a relentless evil that threatens not only their lives, but that of the child they’ve both come to love. On the run, Libby and J.D. are tested to the limits of their courage and resolve. They discover an intimate and mystifying bond that will either drive them apart, or become their greatest source of strength and passion.


Author bio:

A Navy brat and graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, LORRIE FARRELLY is proud to be a Fightin’ Banana Slug. (Well, okay, Santa Cruz grads are really lovers, not fighters). Following graduate school at Illinois’ Northwestern University, she began a career in education that included teaching art to 4th graders, drama to 8th graders, and finally, math to high school students. (If anybody loses asymptotes, she can probably find ’em…)

She’s a three-time winner on  television’s Jeopardy! quiz show (despite forgetting the chemical symbol for sulfuric acid … oh, wait – she never knew that in the first place), has shepherded wide-eyed foreign exchange students along Hollywood Boulevard (“As many stars and lunatics as there are in the Heavens”), and happily curried and shoveled as a ranch hand at Disneyland’s Circle D Ranch. And always, she writes.

Lorrie has won a Presidential Commendation for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics. She’s been a Renaissance nominee for Teacher of the Year and a finalist for the Orange Rose Award in romantic fiction. She’s never won the lottery, except where her family is concerned. For her, they’re the ultimate prize.