In the Belly of the Elephant by Susan Corbett

belly-of-elephant-COVEREverybody needs to run away from home at least once. Susan Corbett told people she was out to save the world, but really she was running — running from her home as much as to anywhere. Like many women, she was searching for meaning to her life or for a good man to share it with. In Africa, she hoped to find both.

  • Compelling and compassionate, In the Belly of the Elephant is Susan’s transformative story of what happens when you decide to try to achieve world peace while searching for a good man. More than a fish-out-of-water story, it’s a surprising and heart-rending account of her time in Africa trying to change the world as she battles heat, sandstorms, drought, riots, intestinal bugs, burnout, love affairs and more than one meeting with death. Against a backdrop of vivid beauty and culture, in a narrative interwoven with a rich tapestry of African myths and fables, Susan learns the true simplicity of life, and discovers people full of kindness, wisdom and resilience, and shares with us lessons we, too, can learn from her experiences.

    In the Belly of the Elephant captures the excitement, majesty, and sorrow of being young and working in a remote foreign country and will speak to anyone who is grappling with global humanitarianism. In her book, Susan Corbett repeatedly confronts timeless feelings of uncertainty– of guilt, insecurity, hopelessness– while proving that compassion, sincerity, and hard work can have a meaningful impact in a community. The characters in Susan’s book will leave you humbled and re-instill a desire for human equality.


    Because of her talent for imagery, I was able to experience every adventure with Susan (the author and main character of the book).

    I was with her in mud huts, military take overs, helplessly holding sick children, saving lives, romantic – and sometimes unromantic – encounters. I felt the angst that comes with wanting to achieve two divergent dreams in life: saving the world in Africa and starting a family in the U.S.

    Artfully woven within her candid stories is African folklore beautifully tying into the lessons she learns along the way.

    Photo with dogA writer, community organizer, and consultant in program management, micro-enterprise development, family planning, and HIV/AIDS education, Susan Corbett began her community development career in 1976 as a Peace Corps Volunteer, working in a health clinic in Liberia, West Africa. In 1979, she joined Save the Children Federation as a program coordinator for cooperative and small business projects in Burkina Faso.  In 1982, Susan returned to the States where she has worked with local non-profits in drug and alcohol prevention for runaway youth, family planning, homelessness prevention, and immigrant issues.Susan has traveled to over 40 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific and Caribbean, and Central and North America and has lived and worked in ten African countries over the past thirty years (Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, The Gambia, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Mauritius, Tunisia, Nigeria, and Liberia). She lives in Colorado with her husband, Steve, her sons, Mitch & Sam, and her dog, Molly. 
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Private Playground – journeys through law by AJ Waheed

playgroundfinalPrivate Playground – journeys through law

Who’s really in charge at today’s law firms? Are the guardians of the law now putting profit before morals? Why has the Middle East become a playground for the legal elite? How can you go from being a high-flyer one day to being thrown under a bus the next? And can you really lose your job over an innocuous email?

The financial crisis of 2008 has changed the nature of the world’s largest law firms. The power of partners has given way to the rise of the senior management team. A trend that, at times, has produced the real ‘silent killer’ of the legal profession.

In Private Playground, AJ Waheed provides the insider’s view of these developments. Working in Dubai, as a senior manager at the heart of one of the region’s largest law firms, she witnessed how changes in management structure has led to a subsequent decline in morals and culture, eventually leading to a Sunday from hell. You will meet the good, the bad and the ugly of a law firm and experience the sometimes surreal way such organisations are run.

Waheed also provides an overview of the current legal world: and describes how and why it’s changed. Dubious practices are highlighted in two case studies covering the collapse of a billion dollar global law firm and the abandonment of a partner by his own colleagues.

Informative, funny and, at times, shocking, Private Playground is an expert summary of the legal world as well as a personal journey through the inner workings of a modern firm. It is a book that will open your eyes to how the law really works in today’s world.


Missing Andy by Lori A. Moore

MissingAndybookcoverIn Missing Andy: The Journey from Grief to Joy, author Lori A. Moore explains how to view the loss of a loved one as a celebration instead of a final event. After unexpectedly losing her ex-husband, who was also her best friend, due to a fatal blood clot, Lori found herself lost and numb, but working her way through the five stages of grief helped her rediscover true happiness. Now, Lori writes about her experiences to help those dealing with grief come to a place of understanding and acceptance. Take this journey with Lori and find out how Missing Andy furthered her relationship with God and showed her how to truly live again. Come out of a place of inconsolable sadness and discover the joy that can only be found through Christ Jesus.
unnamed1. Book Review
Readers\’ Favorite Book Contest Award Winner
Reviewed by Anne Boiling for Readers’ Favorite

“Missing Andy” is an unusual love story. Author, Lori A. Moore, and her ex-husband, Andy, were best friends. They had a better relationship after their marriage ended than during their marriage. They went places together and always knew they could depend upon each other. Andy died unexpectedly, leaving Lori grief stricken. “Missing Andy” is her journey through grief.

This book is actually about three amazing people: Lori, Andy, and her husband, Michael. Not every man would be receptive to the lasting friendship between his wife and her ex-husband. Not all divorces end with friendship between ex-spouses. Lori demonstrates Christian love throughout her book.

In a nut shell, this is a book about Christian love. I found the message heartwarming. Dealing with grief is another lesson within these pages. Andy was a very blessed man to have had a friend like Lori and vice-versa.
A quick read that will help with grief
By Alyssa Pierce on October 28, 2010
Format: Kindle Edition
“Don’t put a question mark where God has put a period.”

This is a quote that Lori Moore uses it in her book, Missing Andy, and I think it pretty much sums up the message that she tries to get across to her readers. Missing Andy is a memoir that pulls the reader into a pretty unusual situation. Andy was Moore’s ex-husband-but also her best friend. Even after Moore remarried, Andy remained a huge part of her life. They would talk almost every day and spend most of their time together. When Andy dies suddenly due to surgical complications, Moore finds herself in the midst of grief and family drama. How will she be able to keep peace in the family? More importantly, how will she be able to cope without her best friend in her life? A quick read, I recommend Missing Andy for anyone needing an inspirational story to help them overcome their own grief.

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Twitter: @LoriAMooreKY
Lori A. Moore lives with her husband and their adorable cat, Grady,
in Louisville, KY.

Master of Arts in Media Communication – Webster University, 2013
Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership – Campbellsville University, 2011
Master of Arts in Management & Leadership – Webster University, 2009
Master of Business Administration – Webster University, 2000

2013 KART Kids Book List award for Hannah the Hedgehog Goes to Heaven.

2012 KART Kids Book List award for Grady the Gray Cat Gets Adopted.

2012 Readers Favorite Honorable Mention for Grady the Gray Cat Gets Adopted.

2011 Readers Favorite Gold Award for Missing Andy.

2010 Readers Favorite Bronze Award for From Zero to Christian in Just 35 Years.

An avid traveler, she has visited all 50 states in the U.S. as well as 57 other countries.

Lori is also a wanna-be photographer.

Shoot First: Code of the News Cameraman by Hank Schoepp

CoverCameraman Looks Back On Covering History of News in San Francisco

Veteran news cameraman Hank Schoepp, who worked for San Francisco’s KPIX channel 5 evening news from 1968-1997, has released a memoir on His book covers a one-of-a-kind view on some of the biggest stories of that time. Many books have been written by and about broadcast journalists with interesting things to say. And yet few have spoken on behalf of those who perform on the other side of the camera lens. Finally, that voice is heard loud and clear with SHOOT FIRST: Code of the News Cameraman.

Author PicGetting the pictures and bringing them back in time to air on the news often posed challenges, and Schoepp vividly recalls them with the stories behind the stories. A few among the many include tear gas attacks during student protests and rioting at U.C. Berkeley; the kidnapping saga of Patricia Hearst; the search for a vanishing school bus, driver and 26 children in Chowchilla, California; the aftermath of a mass suicide of over 900 people in Jonestown, Guyana; and rushing to the city hall murder scene of a San Francisco mayor and supervisor.

Shoot First: Code of The News Cameraman is a time capsule peak into the history of San Francisco news, from a Videographer, in a world that existed before cell phones and digital film.


“Insightful TV News Memoir – Read It” – Andrew Hill
“‘Shoot First’ strikes at the heart of TV News” – Mike Lee

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Life, Love, and a Hijacking: My Pan Am Memoir by Wendy Sue Knecht

cover LLH5-medium - Version 2Life, Love, and a Hijacking: My Pan Am Memoir

Life, Love, and a Hijacking: My Pan Am Memoir is an insightful, hilarious, sometimes seat-gripping look at the adventures of an ebullient flight attendant, who flew for the world’s most iconic airline, Pan Am. With the world at her fingertips, anything was possible…even the improbable. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the read as Wendy Knecht recounts the experiences of her lifetime.

Travel with Wendy as she transforms from naive, frizzy-haired college student into a wined-and-dined, weight-checked woman of the world. After rigorous, eye-opening training and an aerodynamics lesson called PFM, she progresses to rich experiences around the globe. Fly along as she tells stories about a cockpit swimsuit competition, working the world’s longest flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, and all the perks, discoveries, and personal growth that came along the way.

It wasn’t just a party, and world politics were always part of the Pan Am experience. An interview by the Secret Service details a threat on President Reagan’s life, and an assignment in India leads to personal involvement in the shattering, deadly 1986 hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73.

Single until age 47, Wendy’s Pan Am story of her “life of freedom” is thought provoking and peppered with celebrity, adventure, tragedy, and a lot of laughter. Life, Love, and a Highjacking just might empower you to seek your own life’s adventure.

Total reviews 26 at this writing (23- 5 star, 2 -4 star, 1- 2 star)


5.0 out of 5 stars The Memoir of a Pan Am Stewardess – Really Good!, March 3, 2015
By Lisa Kearns “Lisa Kearns” TOP 500 REVIEWER VINE VOICE on March 3, 2015
This review is from: Life, Love, and a Hijacking: My Pan Am Memoir (Paperback)
I grew up in the 60s and 70s, and lived overseas for many of those years due to my father’s job with the State Department. We flew Pan Am almost exclusively, and seeing that blue logo on the airplane tail fin always gave us a jolt of American pride and homesickness. Flying in those days was a much different experience than it is today – everyone dressed up (you never saw passengers in pajamas or dirty sweatpants), and the meal service rivaled that of a fancy restaurant. I can remember my sister and me going up a tiny spiral staircase to play in the “cocktail lounge” on 747s during overnight flights, and I fondly recall that the bathrooms were stocked with real towels, cologne and fresh flowers. We got to know quite a few Pan Am stewardesses over the years, and hardly a Christmas or Thanksgiving went by without having a stewardess or two at our table so they wouldn’t be alone in a hotel during the holiday. Sometimes one of them would bring us things we missed from home – current newspapers, celery, peanut butter, and once some asthma inhalers that were out of stock at the Embassy health unit. I remember that even in their free time they were always well dressed, lady-like and were ambassadors for Pan Am.

I was very sad when Pan Am went bankrupt, and I compare modern airlines (unfavorably) with Pan Am every time I fly. Gone are the days when passengers were treated like valued guests, meal service is gone altogether on most flights, and gone too are most of the friendly, professional and crisply dressed flight attendants. I’m sad that none of my kids were ever taken into a cockpit to meet the captain (during the flight!) and given a set of wings to pin on their shirt.

Wendy Sue Knecht has written a wonderful, entertaining book about her years as a Pan Am stewardess, and I enjoyed it more than I can say. I loved the glimpse she gave me of “the other side of the story” of those elegant, well dressed ladies who served us on board our flights. She added just the right amount of humor, celebrity stories, insider knowledge and anecdotes to keep me up late turning pages until I finished the book.

Some of her memories are sad and sobering. She had personally trained the Indian stewardesses who were hijacked on Pan Am 73 in Karachi, Pakistan in 1986 – an event that left a hundred people wounded and 20 dead. She was also friends with many of the crew on board Pan Am 103, which was blown up over Lockerbie Scotland in 1988, killing 259 on board and 11 people on the ground. Even after these horrible tragedies, she continued to fly for Pan Am, and later for Delta Airlines.

If you like reading memoirs, are old enough to remember Pan Am, or just enjoy a well written book, you will love this one.

I received a complimentary copy of Life, Love and a Hijacking directly from the author. I wasn’t asked to leave a positive review, and I wasn’t otherwise compensated. My honest opinion is that this sincere, entertaining and well written memoir is worthy of five stars.

5.0 out of 5 stars Timeless, rare account of the life in the air. Publishers take note. This is what readers want in a memoir., January 19, 2015
By Michael Angliss “MA”
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This review is from: Life, Love, and a Hijacking: My Pan Am Memoir (Paperback)
It is obvious why everyone keeps on giving this book five stars out of five. Great, detailed first-hand account of what goes on with passengers and crew alike in a commercial airliner of an iconic airline. Both a front- and behind-the-scenes look at the lifestyle of the flight attendant; the adventures, the dramas, the technicalities, the myriad diversities of the world in the air, the comedy, the fun, and the fears–and, too, the sacrifices, such as missing family events on the ground at home, and when the author realises she might have died in the hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73, which stands as one of the most brutal hijackings in the history of aviation. Wendy Sue Knecht has a gift for storytelling in a clear and mainstream way. An outstanding memoir which makes excellent research material for anyone who is interested in the air industry, as well as a highly entertaining story. As with all memoirs of this calibre, it is the only one there is of its exact record of certain crucial events in the world–you would be well served to read it to absorb that rareness. Publishers should also pick it up soon, as it’s a hit. Books such as this don’t happen along very often, a fact ensuring it will be a cherished, timeless piece for many people for many years to come.

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Wendy Sue Knecht always had a passion for travel, even as a little girl.

After pursuing her degree at the University of Arizona, she became a flight attendant for the world’s most iconic airline, Pan Am. Her rich and amazing career included many humorous adventures, observations, and life lessons. Her story is a mix of hilarious, seat gripping moments, and some tragic times.

A love of writing compelled her to share her story of an era like no other in aviation history.

Since her career as a flight attendant, Wendy Knecht has become an inventor, on-air spokesperson, and product entrepreneur. Wendy has appeared on QVC hundreds of times as the on-air spokesperson for the line of travel bags she designed, as well as numerous other products.

Wendy lives in L.A. with her husband (and avid travel partner), and their four-legged furry son, Murray.       Author Website.


Challenged by Steve Grieger

Challenged_coverTitle: Challenged, A Tribute (One man’s true story of caring for, laughing with and learning from people with special needs)

Review: “Written by someone with intimate knowledge of what it’s like to be around grown-ups with mental retardation, this book will surely resonate among those in that difficult field who often feel that they are the ones who are ‘challenged.’ The book is highly humorous, which is part of its attraction. When working with these individuals, there are laughs in every day, and these happy moments cover up some of the tears and fears that caregivers feel for their fragile, special charges. Kudos to Mr. Grieger.”*
–Barbara Bamberger Scott, US Review of Books (*RECOMMENDED)

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Author_ImageAuthor Bio: Steve Grieger lives in San Diego, California, where he supervises three community group homes for people with developmental disabilities. He has been a featured presenter at conferences for the National Association for QDDPs and Developmental Services Network, Inc., and is actively involved in the People First self-advocacy movement. His varied accomplishments include chef, screenwriter, playwright and teacher, but he is most proud of his longevity as a caregiver/administrator in the special needs field.

The Angel In LA by Gaden Merritt Corpening

The Angel in LA (1)

THE ANGEL IN LA is a gripping, nonfiction novel combining absolute realism, humor, and a moving, supernatural twist. While on the tennis tour, Merritt is confronted by an angel in Los Angeles who guides him with a directive. From this point forward Merritt is haunted and oppressed by his heinous nemesis alcohol in a clash of Darkness versus Light. Although it is seemingly winning, causing Merritt to become homeless and a fugitive of the law, he never forgets the angel who tenaciously pursues him and spurs him towards recovery.

If you have ever been curious what really goes through the mind of a chronic alcoholic/addict, then walk with Merritt and get a firsthand peek into the secret underworld of alcoholism, which lured him into boundless depths of assorted self-indulgence beginning in Los Angeles. Unlike the movie Leaving Las Vegas, this true story is about hope and a strong will to live. 

Excerpt from THE ANGEL IN LA: Link to Purchase:

“A shaft of morning light sloped on his face with its warm, radiant power, exposing deep lines that should not have been there. But it was also a face that had witnessed something profoundly mystical—something so intensely spectacular, he could not let go of it as hard as he tried.” 

8 Customer Reviews:  5 Star Overall Rating

“Thanks so much for sharing your story of your battle with this insidious disease…and of your daily victory! The book is a well-written and gripping account of what you experienced as your life unraveled, but also the transformation that you experienced as you and your Higher Power worked together to overcome and win the battle. Keep telling your story….there is always one more person who needs to hear it!”  Jim Van Hecky Jr,

“A remarkable and amazing journey of one man’s personal struggles through the powerful grips of alcoholism and his hard-won triumphs with the help of unexplained spiritual communications, key human supporters, and his discovery of a buried childhood event that ignited his downward path. A true and inspiring tale that takes the reader into the thoughts and life of an alcoholic/addict giving sharper insight and hope for those so often written off as hopeless. It is a fight for freedom well worth the read whether or not you know someone afflicted with addiction. I highly recommend it!”   E. Rogers

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