Godspeed, Carry My Bullet by Ian Lewis

 Godspeed, Carry My Bullet by Ian Lewis

Godspeed_midBobby Clyne has nothing to lose. Two illegitimate governments have taken the place of the fallen United States: The Directorate in the East and the United States Valiant in the West. And he’s just learned that a man who once terrorized his family as a low-ranking member of the Military Police is set to become the Grand Marshall of the Ohio Region. Armed with his father’s Dragunov sniper rifle, Bobby embarks on a mission of revenge with consequences far more reaching than his personal vendetta.

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Barnes and Noble: http://goo.gl/OlbvtE
Google Play: https://goo.gl/GtFGaH

2 thoughts on “Godspeed, Carry My Bullet by Ian Lewis

  1. There are definitely dystopian aspects to this story, though I didn’t necessarily set out to write a story in that genre. It has some thriller and action/adventure qualities too. Very much character-driven. I think readers can pick this one up and take it as pure entertainment value if they wish. I tried not to be heavy-handed with the overarching theme of what will eventually be a two-part series, but it’s really meant to serve as an allegory of partisan politics in the United States–essentially the divisiveness, corruption, and failure of it all.


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