Coping With Life’s Clutter by Lauren Suval

12045712_732314723565020_4100737064821622356_oCoping With Life’s Clutter is a collection of pieces, originally published on Psych Central, that emphasize what it means to cope with life’s stressors; that highlight how we can navigate our way through suffering.
Many of the author’s ideas are rooted in personal truth; it’s Lauren simply trying to sift through her own experiences in order to make sense of the world. She sincerely hopes that this short guide can inspire that in you, too.
Genre: Non Fiction/ Psychology/ Personal Development
Lauren Suval is a writer living in New York. Her writing encompasses articles on psychology as well as personal narrative and creative fictional pieces.
Lauren is a graduate of Hofstra University, where she studied journalism and psychology.
Lauren holds a B.A degree in Print Journalism.
Twitter Handle: @LaurenSuval
Amazon Reviews: 
1) Many worthwhile life lessons to absorb and review. Well-written and authentically expressed with relevant personal insights.
2) Very interesting and insightful book about coping with heartbreak and loss. Love all the pop culture references the author intersperses with her writings. Helpful tips for anyone going through personal growth challenges after suffering from some significant stress/pain in their lives. Lauren Suval says she’s in her twenties, but her work here suggests she’s way beyond her years.
Link To E-book On Amazon (Priced at $3.99):
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