Trophies by David Evans


13043797_695024583972509_2046633383293516800_nTROPHIES It is the year 2000. The voice. DI Colin Strong is convinced he’s heard that voice before. Nearly 25 years ago, the tape of Wearside Jack taunted West Yorkshire Police. His suspect, being questioned on suspicion of handling stolen goods, fits the profile. A known burglar, an associate of the suspect, is found murdered and a metal case is discovered at the scene. This indicates that another series of sexual assaults on women over the previous twenty years has gone unconnected, the contents possible trophies. Strong’s close friend, journalist Bob Souter, takes up a senior position on the Yorkshire Post newspaper. With emotions still raw surrounding the flawed enquiry into the Yorkshire Ripper, Strong begins an awkward alliance with Souter to probe areas he feels unable to explore. The first item from the box is identified as belonging to an assault victim whose case was investigated by Strong’s boss. Tensions run high when Souter pens a front-page story which speculates on a find that casts doubt over the conviction of her attacker. Strong is convinced the trophy case holds the key to the burglar’s murder. As the murder suspects disappear, just who is the shadowy character inciting fear and panic amongst those he encounters? The more Strong uncovers about his Wearside Jack suspect, the more convinced he is of his guilt – and he has a murderer to find. But Souter is hungry for a story. Who will discover the truth first and will their friendship remain intact?

davAbout the Author

David graduated from Manchester University and had a successful career as a professional in the construction industry. His writing has generated strong acclaim having had a stage play shortlisted in the Essex Playwrights Festival in 2001 and gaining Commended and Highly Commended awards at Writers’ Conferences in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 for his crime writing. In 2013, his novel, Torment, was shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger. His work is also exampled in How to Write a Chiller Thriller by Sally Spedding and published in April 2014. He has frequently been profiled in the press including Yorkshire Post, East Anglian Daily Times and BBC Radio. He is a frequent guest of the Essex Book Festival and a regular attendee at the Writers’ Café events of the Ipswich Arts Festival.

TROPHIES, the first of the Yorkshire Crime Series is now available in paperback and Kindle download at:


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