The Healer by Jeffrey G. Roberts

Front2The Healer, is a science fiction novel set in the year 2181. Dr. Reynolds Cully is awarded a Harvard grant to travel to Mars with his family. His assignment is to research the physiology of an ancient race there, now long extinct. All their recorded history lies within the titanic edifice known as The Face on Mars. But while there, authorities discover an eons old Martian time/space travel device. This is apparently how they explored the universe, when dinosaurs still ruled our Earth. But a mystery has always intrigued him: he is granted a National Science Foundation grant to use the ancient device, and travel to Earth in the year 2013, to try and solve the medical mystery known as The Great Alaskan Plague of 2012. Eventually he does reveal the cause. But unbeknownst to him, back in 2181 Mars, a sinister group of religious zealots known as the Creation Purity Brigade, believe unearthing of Martian artifacts and cultural icons is sacrilege and blasphemy to Judeo-Christianity. And they blow up the time/space travel apparatus! Dr. Cully is now stranded in a violent & primitive world – ours; 168 years and 150 million miles from his wife & children. How will he survive? How will he heal using 22nd century technology, without exposing his real identity; and possibly altering the course of history in doing so? It is a crisis of conscience he must grapple with. But he has no choice. For he is – THE HEALER.

 Jeffrey G. Roberts gained a life-long interest in Mars while pursuing writing & history degrees at Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, Arizona. Flagstaff is the home of the Astrogeology Branch of the U.S. Geological Service. They were the 1st to receive transmitted images of Mars from the early Mariner missions. Mr. Roberts was able to secure almost all the photo-mosaic maps of the planet.
In July of 1976 Viking 2 photographed something quite extraordinary: a human-like face over a third of a mile high, staring up into the cosmos. And he wondered – who built it, and why? And what would happen if Man’s venal and intolerant nature were ever allowed to rear its ugly head there, too?
A love of aerospace, the future of technology, and a gnawing fear that the public has not been told the truth about the Face on Mars, prompted Jeffrey G. Roberts to write a hypothetical scenario based on these fears – THE HEALER.
Now – you have to ask yourself: what will we really find when we land there? And what happens when a sinister group starts to take root there? For what it will do to one man, will change everything – for everyone!
You’ll never look at the night sky in the same way again.

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It will make you think – What if?
By Rukia the Reader on May 21, 2015
 As I am relatively new to reading books in the sci-fi genre I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was not only intrigued by the developing plot in THE HEALER, but also increasingly curious about the characteristics of Dr. Reynolds Cully. The story, which does jump around a little and so demands strict attention from the reader, Incorporates a mixture of time travel, investigations of the planet Mars in the future and the discovery that Martians not only existed, but used time travel. There are religious elements to the storyline which are written in sympathetically. Overall it is an entertaining read which will make you think – what if?

“The story-line is wonderfully articulated and very intriguing. Each line in this tale is so worthy to be read – it’s like a juicy piece of meat on a bone that you just don’t want to ever finish. THE HEALER is a must-read that will keep you coming back to re-read it. The plot is so captivating it will cause you to immerse yourself in the imaginative and well-written tale of this extraordinary science fiction masterpiece! I would love to experience this in film! I think Jeffrey G. Roberts should definitely explore this option. Also, a sequel would be the icing on the cake to this creativity.” (@Victory Reviews)

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9589208I was born in New York City, and raised in New York and South Florida. I attended Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, Arizona, where I received degrees in history and writing. I have had  short stories published in several magazines, and have 2 novels on Amazon – THE HEALER and CHERRIES IN WINTER. My genres are science fiction, horror, fantasy, comedy, and fantasy/comedy. I reside in Tucson, Arizona.


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