Love and Theft by Michael Sprankle

Love and Theft_print cover_6x9_frontAfter a series of encounters with the law, a young man yearns for a better life and escapes his past as he heads to New York City where his pursuit of happiness and success sends him on a series of well-intentioned misadventures that lead him into the dark side of the criminal underworld and revenge. A marriage of real events and fiction, Love and Theft pulls from the author’s personal experience to create a man whose life path is no more his own fault than the color of his hair.  Purchase Amazon
HeadShotMichael Sprankle is a graduate of Penn State University with a BA in film. He has worked in the technology area for the past 25 years, as well as being a bit-writer for major motion pictures and television shows, and has worked for some of the largest studios in Hollywood.

Novels include:
Once Upon a Time in New York, How I Painted My Masterpiece
Love & Theft (in the 2016 Pulitzer competition)

Current Project:
The Killing Spring

TV Shows:
Under The Dome

He currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona

Here are a couple of reviews:
Byregina leyvaon January 4, 2016
I read Love and Theft in one night because I just could not put it down until it was done. It is an artful work of realistic fiction weaving into the plot facts from art and world history. Joined by supporting characters who the reader may find a sense of familiarity in, is Michael Sprankle, the main character who is not like anyone we know. He is kind of a Don Quixote who has a distorted perception and wavering mentality and continues to journey out until the point of no return. Becoming obsessed with stealing art, wheeling and dealing, and just plain stealing in general, he gets himself into all kinds of predicaments. In the end the book takes the reader full circle and we all are relieved to know Michael is ultimately a redeemable man, who in the end wants what we all do, love and success. It is a message we can all relate to no matter who we are. The ending is as satisfying as the pleasure the reader feels getting there. It just so happens I worked with him in the 80’s at the Greenwich Auction room and I thoroughly enjoyed his tale of realistic fiction. The fun part was trying to decide how much of it was true! His book has inspired me to start writing again.
Just finished the book Love and Theft. Mike’s book was engrossing and thought provoking. Loved his historical and artistic references through out his fine book. Was blown away by his use of the Wizard of Oz. Like the way it popped up in the reading of Love and Theft. As his former teacher, I cannot wait for his next book to answer the perplexing question “Who is the real Michael Sprankle?” Bob Probst former teacher Bellefonte PA.

ByAmazon Customeron November 20, 2015
It’s said that an artists masterpiece is found at the intersection of tragedy triumph and love. Well bravo Mr. Sprankle for both writing and painting yours. This book is a thrill ride from the moment the reader picks up the book and it doesn’t stop until there are no pages left. The mans writing is best described as Hunter S. Thompson downing a fifth of Jameson before taking three hits of acid and having a writing session with Salvador Dali. I was entrenched in the story and thoroughly amazed by the brevity and humor brought forward while tackling subjects such as love lost and love found, as well as our fight with ourselves over what’s right and what we perceive to be right. A read worth your time and then some. Looking forward to the third! Encore please!

2 thoughts on “Love and Theft by Michael Sprankle

  1. Hello Michael Sprankle, Having read Love and Theft, it was pure Genius Genius Genius!!! Very imaginative, fast paced and interesting. This was so hard to put down…loved every word. The humor interweaving with historical, economical and whimsical information was beyond interesting as it was more like watching an amazing game of pool where so much is happening and you do not know what the end will be.

    The journey was a whimsical feast for the senses that left me wanting for more.

    Congratulations on such an imaginative story that I only wish would be brought to the SCREEN.


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