Soul Survival: Instinct and Passion by Kelsey L. Alvarez

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Strangers Valerie and Ethan have both hit rock bottom. Their many issues—depression and apathy, an abusive spouse and bad life decisions—push them to seek out each other on nonphysical planes. Neither knows exactly why, but they develop a persistent need to find the other and distinguish together what is real in their dreamlike world.

Enter Emerson and Preston—a pair as close to soul mates as any couple could be. Born at the exact same time, their meeting at age five was only a formality; their souls having been linked since long before. Together they developed unique mental and physical abilities due to their exceptional neural makeup and bond. Instead of using their gifts for ill, the only thing they ever want to do is love each other for as long and profoundly as possible.

When their skills are discovered, Emerson and Preston are taken and put through a series of experiments to study and exploit what they have, to the detriment of thousands. With the lovers disabled, it is left to the damaged pair to right the wrongs being done. Ethan and Valerie set out in this romantic sci-fi series to solve a problem far beyond their own understanding, and perhaps obtain a fraction of the love the other two have in the process.

Author Bio:

Kelsey L. Alvarez, or known as KLA by those close, is new to self publishing but by no means new to writing. With an advanced degree in Public Relations, KLA is more than happy to pay the bills by working on speech writing, social media copy, annual reports, features, etc. However at one point the draw of these storylines, long simmering in KLA’s mind, could no longer be ignored.

With that said, KLA began the process of creating the characters and stories that demanded not just focus but heart. The hope is that the individuals shaped aren’t seen as two dimensional, but as the flawed imperfect, yet passionate and persistent people that they are. With elements of science fiction and humor, the main drive in the Soul Survival series is the romantic bond between the lovers.

It’s also a little wishful thinking that KLA created a relationship between two of the leads that more than likely could only exist in fiction. The concept that the profound soul-level union between them existed before life, and will continue to do so long after physical death, surviving and sustaining difficulties both subtle and intense, is one that always appealed to the author. You’ll notice though the emphasis, at least on the character’s part, is to come at their gift from God in the most simple ways. They never knew anything else, would never want to be with anyone else, and find both refuge and salvation in each other’s arms.

They don’t just live and breathe one another, they are each other’s breath.

Amazon Reviews:


Meeting at age five, Emerson and Preston have a bond that transcends their current lives. Ethan and Valerie are looking for more. The charismatic characters intertwine to create a thrilling romantic suspense filled with mysticism and drama; including the input from a healer, a shrink, dreams, meditations, a ragging husband, and much more.

“…a single tear fell out as she did her best to remember his touch, his kiss, the feeling of him.”

“Soul Survival” will keep you entertained and engaged, wondering how it all turns out in the end…and wondering if scenarios really happen or only in fiction. Bravo to Alvarez for a well-written thriller that delivers.

Amazon Customer

I loved this story, it’s not the typical, sappy kind of love story, it doesn’t happen over night and it doesn’t ONLY focus on the magic. it shows the struggles of the characters and expresses their thoughts and emotions without being in first person. it has a wonderful story line and an even cooler writing style.The characters are relateable and it’s like you get to know them. The length was great and so was everything else.

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