Holidaze by Dave Dellecese

HOLIDAZE VOL 1 COVER RevisedAt the end of the work day, we all want a place to relax, unwind and commiserate. For folks like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Cupid and their friends, after long days of performing their duties as mythical icons, that place is Holidaze – the bar where they can leave the candy-coated masks of their professional lives behind and just be themselves.

Of course, to “be themselves” means being a clueless old man with a streak for giving things away, a flirty fairy whose only vice isn’t collecting teeth, a master of love who hires out his work to cherubs, a barely-functioning alcoholic bunny and a tiny little Irishman whose pot of gold does nothing but bring him a life of bad luck. So pour yourself a pint or a nice glass of pinot noir, make your way to the bar and kick back with a few laughs with familiar faces from your youth that may turn out to be not quite so familiar after all, once you get to know them.


“5 Stars! I really enjoyed this.” – Larry Trivieri Jr, author of The Monster and Freddie Fype.

“What a lot of fun! Great book! Great stories! Great artwork!” – Todd Dezago, noted comic book writer of The Sensational Spider-Man, Impulse. Co-Creator of The Perhapanauts, Tellos, and Young Justice.

“…a hilarious and clever series.” – Shawn Perry, Bleeding Cool

“…a combination of Cheers and Animal House!” – Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

“…laugh out loud…funny. And I mean really funny.” – Frank Mula, Comic Crusaders

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