Private Playground – journeys through law by AJ Waheed

playgroundfinalPrivate Playground – journeys through law

Who’s really in charge at today’s law firms? Are the guardians of the law now putting profit before morals? Why has the Middle East become a playground for the legal elite? How can you go from being a high-flyer one day to being thrown under a bus the next? And can you really lose your job over an innocuous email?

The financial crisis of 2008 has changed the nature of the world’s largest law firms. The power of partners has given way to the rise of the senior management team. A trend that, at times, has produced the real ‘silent killer’ of the legal profession.

In Private Playground, AJ Waheed provides the insider’s view of these developments. Working in Dubai, as a senior manager at the heart of one of the region’s largest law firms, she witnessed how changes in management structure has led to a subsequent decline in morals and culture, eventually leading to a Sunday from hell. You will meet the good, the bad and the ugly of a law firm and experience the sometimes surreal way such organisations are run.

Waheed also provides an overview of the current legal world: and describes how and why it’s changed. Dubious practices are highlighted in two case studies covering the collapse of a billion dollar global law firm and the abandonment of a partner by his own colleagues.

Informative, funny and, at times, shocking, Private Playground is an expert summary of the legal world as well as a personal journey through the inner workings of a modern firm. It is a book that will open your eyes to how the law really works in today’s world.



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