Tap Once If Human. Earthy Fiction With A Scientific Flavor By The Author Of Heavy Waters By Matthew Hilton

toihcvrsmall (1)Earthy fiction with a scientific flavor peopled by age twenty somethings from the author of Heavy Waters. A tale of robots, reptiles and rezistants in thirty twelve minute chunks.
I wrote this ebook to explore that funny frontier in the mind where there’s something you can’t grasp – happens pretty quick for me in mathematics. I went with this into the realm of artificial intelligence and its application to crowds, to us people type things, to the huge spaces inside ourselves available for automating.
O’k – and the story?
I cast my story as hard science, imagined settings and a scramble of fictional tropes including erotics. I guess my key word is playfulness and a post-surfing take – look at the films of Miguel Gomes for example. I don’t pause too long on anything and I subscribe to the stuff happens theory of life, it is literature en passant… To give you a feel – of the writers of my own generation it is Murakami Haruki that I feel closest to.
Yeh fine, never mind the literature crap – what’s the story?
O’k Helen a young ice-dancer hooks up with Raj. We get that in the back story. Raj works with scientist Penny at the CereBose brain research lab. Helen and Raj split up, she goes to find herself out in the Refuge where the dissidents live. She shacks up with Billy but he dies in a hunting accident. CereBose field worker Stevens arrives he and Helen sneak off and make love during Billy’s funeral. Raj sets out to find Helen and has BIG WORDS with Stevens who buys him off with a dangerous mission. Penny gives Raj her blessing by showing him a really novel quantum physics artifact and, hyped up, he sets out for the City on a mission – I end it pretty quick.
Anything else?
Nope, that’s it…


Photo075About Matthew Hilton

Matthew Hilton grew up in West London, England and ran away to join a street theatre before turning himself into a professional fireman. Wanting to cool down he had a productive career as a graphic artist before moving to France in 2004 when writing got the better of him. He now lives in the hills south east of Toulouse. AUTHOR WEBSITE


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