Found by Lain Ehmann

unnamed#1 Bestseller in multiple categories… Top 100 in Kindle Hot New Releases… 29 five-star reviews… Downloaded over 5000 times in first week of publication!

“FOUND: Rediscovering Your Dreams, Your Voice, and Your Life in15 Minutes a Day” by Lain Ehmann

“Do you have laryngitis of the soul? Do you feel like your voice – who you really are without all the roles of mother, sister, daughter, wife, friend – is silent, or is such a tiny little whisper that you can barely even hear it under the cacophony of other people’s voices and demands?”

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to #getfound.

This short guide will help you:
🔸identify your own voice amidst the noise of the world and everyone else’s demands
🔸figure out what matters most
🔸put your discoveries to work in your daily life

In just 15 minutes a day, you can be on your way to rediscovering your dreams, your voice, and your life.

unnamed (1)AUTHOR BIO:
After building my online business to six figures in only 18 months, I began coaching other women to do the same. But through my business coaching I discovered that knowing WHAT to do was only part of the battle; the bigger challenge was helping my clients believe that they COULD have the business – and the life – of their dreams. While I still do a bit of business coaching, I’ve shifted my focus to helping women find their unique voice amidst the cacophony of family, friends, societal demands, and expectations. 

I offer a variety of coaching programs, from monthly group coaching to one-on-one sessions, through which I help women create and live a life in sync with their passions, so they can go on to shine and influence the world around them. 

With degrees from Stanford University and Syracuse University, and decades in the professional and entrepreneurial world, I love finding innovative and unexpected solutions to life’s challenges and problems. My gift is sorting through the overwhelm of information, ideas, expectations, and noise to find the simple path that leads back to YOU. 

You can find out more about me and my programs at


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