T’was a Jackalope: A New Year’s Tradition by L.E. Wilson

jackalope coverT’was a Jackalope
A New Year’s Tradition

The ancient folklore of the Jackalope – a horned superhero – comes to life in the story of Check-mas, a New Year’s celebration that inspires gratefulness, kindness and happiness.





This enhanced edition includes the following interactive elements:
animation, audio, sing-along music, video and list making.

18 beautifully illustrated pages
4 historical re-prints
1 humorous poem

GENRE: Fantasy / Faerie / Supernatural

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Author, illustrator and educator L.E. Wilson graduated summa cum laude and has a master of arts degree from a California university. A highly sensitive person, L.E. strives to create work that is calming, joyful and enriching.

A proponent of animal welfare and environmental stewardship, L.E. writes with an aim toward cultivating kindness in the hopes of alleviating the suffering of others.


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