Sing Gabriel Sing by Jayni Tremaine

12113000_10153050074937750_1177896508_oA magical Christmas story to enjoy every day of the year! The Angel Gabriel alights, singing and bringing wonderful news of the birth of baby Jesus, in this delightful and beautifully illustrated children’s Christmas inspired story and carol. As well as being an aid to children’s reading through words and music, you will love singing along to the audio CD. And for the musically proficient, the musical arrangement is included for you to play the Sing Gabriel Sing too!

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61bb79_cb95c2b1645f4f8a8bc79c033badd858Author Bio:

Jayni Tremaine ‘The Author’: I was brought up at the foot of the Dundry hillside in Somerset, with my two brothers and loved every minute of my childhood. I played in the wild hills, rolled in the grass, gazed at the clouds and was always filled with the wonders of our beautiful, and at times, tragic planet. I was lucky to have a mother whose love of natural beauty took me on a magical journey through nature as she instilled in me the magnificence of our world. From the lit dewdrop on a leaf or the frozen cobweb, through to the dance of the wind in the trees, this truly inspirational lady, tuned me into our planet 100%. A true inspire r and the reason for the poetry and imagery in my songs. I was read beautiful stories and much poetry by this magnificent storyteller. I remember vividly being entranced by the piano as I sat cross-legged in my school hall services at five, and immediately tuned into harmony. In that moment my love of music and melodic arrangement was firmly established. I have always loved beautiful and inspiring children’s books and feel at my creative best when working to enhance and create works that will lift the hearts and minds and creatively inspire and engage children. In a world where communication on a one to one basis is becoming a rarity, I hope that through music, literature and art “Sing Gabriel Sing’ will rekindle the warmth, magic, and engagement of story time for children. Lucea Eldemire ‘The Illustrator’: As a visual artist I like my work to explain itself and its life history to the onlooker, to the point that it becomes a tale in its own right. People are my main focus point. I work purely on my drive for life, my faith, and on matters that have an impact on society and the world as we knew it and know it and don’t know it. As a Children’s book illustrator I really feel privileged, as it is such an incredible opportunity to be able to enter and work from the imagination of a inspired author, an author’s imagination that is fueled by pure passion is like gold dust, watching these characters being transferred from the authors mind to my art pad is always mind blowing to me, as I tend to zone out when working, almost in a feeling of not being there while the creation was taking place.

What inspired you to write this book?

The amazing feeling that music creates has always inspired me greatly, and what wonderment when the combination of children, music and Christmas is combined. I remember how much joy and happiness I felt as a child being nurtured through stories, poetry and music, so what a joy to be able to apply this to The Christmas Story itself. Children’s literature is and always will be a very close to my heart.


“Simple words and a beautiful catchy melody convey a sweet message straight from the heart creating a song that touches deep into the soul. I immediately began to sing it!”

Gloria Campanelli

“Sing Gabriel Sing is truly a creative, fun and entertaining presentation of the Christmas story. A story that will be enjoyed by young and old alike.”

David Parks – Pastor of Vintage Church Bristol

“This is just so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes, it made me feel like a child again, the visuals and the song are magical, and the singer sounds just like an angel.”

Judi Thomas


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