The Call Of Gelduur by Jack Alriksson

The Call Of Gelduur cover The Call Of Gelduur

Description: “Start your journey in the mysterious islands of Norrland, embark on an adorable pillaging cruise, sail bravely through a fierce storm and reach the island-kingdom of Ingorle… shipwrecked and defenseless. But don’t worry, it’s not that bad. Not yet. Not until the soldiers of Ingorle turn you into a slave and send you up north to defend their borders from a hidden threat that only reveals itself moments before killing the beholder in a very rude way. Now it’s truly bad. So, again, don’t worry. It should get better. Especially since the hidden threat strikes and…OK, that’s enough for spoilers. Read the book!”

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Reader review: “I was expecting a light read, full of humour and of course the occasional bloodshed.
I got all I wanted and more!

Jack Alriksson manages to make you actually laugh out loud while reading about the adventures of his rag-tag crew of Norrlanders – the characters are nicely created and each has its own motivation.
For some this means gold and power, while for others it’s booze and finding the best way to bash a head in, hopefully while staying alive in the process.
And to top things off, there’s actually a well developed plot besides all this debauchery. I especially enjoyed the strategies outlined and battle descriptions. Oh, and the scheming – that sweet-sweet scheming.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good light read, full of humour and all bonded together with a more than decent plot.

Oh, and Mr Jack! Don’t you go George R. R. Martin on us with that sequel!”


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