South of Good by Randall Reneau

southofgoodSouth of Good: Forced out of the DEA after twenty years, Hardin Steel, Stainless to his close friends, has managed to get himself elected Sheriff of Cameron County, Texas. Twice divorced, with a bit of a drinking problem, he’s now dating Rory Roughton, a fiery sixth-generation Texan who’s as rich as she is beautiful—and hell-bent on keeping Steel on the straight and narrow. But then his best friend, Wes Stoddard, is nearly shot down flying in a load of pot, Rory is kidnapped by a Russian mercenary working for the most dangerous cartel in Mexico, and the Cuban Mafia decides they’d like the former DEA agent—dead. Steel is forced to take unsanctioned, unconventional—and mostly illegal—action in order to save himself and those closest to him . . .

Reader review via Amazon: This was a very interesting and entertaining book and I enjoyed the story immensely. The well thought plot keeps you reeled in to the very end. There is action, humor, betrayal and even a little romance. You can truly imagine the characters and their reactions to the situations they have to face since they are very fleshed out and realistic.
The plot follows Hardin, a local south Texas sheriff and his friends when they get themselves into a bit of trouble early in the story. As we follow along, the trouble just keeps snowballing from there. Throughout this story Hardin’s girlfriend gets kidnapped, a few people get killed and someone inherits a lot of money. Many things happen and the situations keep coming, but Hardin and his “posse” deal with it all and handle it with humor and bravado.
This is a great law enforcement themed (DEA, Coast Guard, Sheriff) read, the classical good guys vs. bad guys and the Good Guys will prevail! (But how battered they will be, and who will ultimately be left standing you have to read to find out!)

“An effervescent ride chock-full of memorable action and characters.” – Kirkus Reviews
“This intelligent, well-written drug thriller is also wickedly funny.” – Foreword Clarion Reviews.




Randall Reneau is the author of five novels, including Diamond Fields, a Royal Dragonfly Book Awards grand prize winner, and Deadly Lode, a Richard Boes award-winner.
He is also a two-time winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. A former international geologist and Vietnam veteran, he lives with his wife, Lynne, in Austin, Texas.

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