Monte Travels the Rainforest by D. J. Thomas

Dive into your child’s next favorite bedtime story!
Monte the Monster is your children’s guide to the tropical rain forests of Africa in this exciting new picture book. Using easy to read text and colorful pictures, Monte Travels the Rainforest introduces youngsters to the exotic animals of the tropics.

Through vibrant images and an exciting adventure story, your children will be glued to the screen as they learn facts about the different animals inside.

Monte Travels the Rainforest is a perfect assisted read for ages 3 to 9. The fantastically fun and educational book is exciting for kids and parents alike!


D.J. Thomas was born and raised in Sheffield Lake, Ohio USA. He is a fiction children’s book author writing adventurous stories with tons of facts for children of all ages. His approach to writing is to create a fun and exciting learning experience, by interacting with each story through visual and intellectual play

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