Missing Andy by Lori A. Moore

MissingAndybookcoverIn Missing Andy: The Journey from Grief to Joy, author Lori A. Moore explains how to view the loss of a loved one as a celebration instead of a final event. After unexpectedly losing her ex-husband, who was also her best friend, due to a fatal blood clot, Lori found herself lost and numb, but working her way through the five stages of grief helped her rediscover true happiness. Now, Lori writes about her experiences to help those dealing with grief come to a place of understanding and acceptance. Take this journey with Lori and find out how Missing Andy furthered her relationship with God and showed her how to truly live again. Come out of a place of inconsolable sadness and discover the joy that can only be found through Christ Jesus.
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Readers\’ Favorite Book Contest Award Winner
Reviewed by Anne Boiling for Readers’ Favorite

“Missing Andy” is an unusual love story. Author, Lori A. Moore, and her ex-husband, Andy, were best friends. They had a better relationship after their marriage ended than during their marriage. They went places together and always knew they could depend upon each other. Andy died unexpectedly, leaving Lori grief stricken. “Missing Andy” is her journey through grief.

This book is actually about three amazing people: Lori, Andy, and her husband, Michael. Not every man would be receptive to the lasting friendship between his wife and her ex-husband. Not all divorces end with friendship between ex-spouses. Lori demonstrates Christian love throughout her book.

In a nut shell, this is a book about Christian love. I found the message heartwarming. Dealing with grief is another lesson within these pages. Andy was a very blessed man to have had a friend like Lori and vice-versa.
A quick read that will help with grief
By Alyssa Pierce on October 28, 2010
Format: Kindle Edition
“Don’t put a question mark where God has put a period.”

This is a quote that Lori Moore uses it in her book, Missing Andy, and I think it pretty much sums up the message that she tries to get across to her readers. Missing Andy is a memoir that pulls the reader into a pretty unusual situation. Andy was Moore’s ex-husband-but also her best friend. Even after Moore remarried, Andy remained a huge part of her life. They would talk almost every day and spend most of their time together. When Andy dies suddenly due to surgical complications, Moore finds herself in the midst of grief and family drama. How will she be able to keep peace in the family? More importantly, how will she be able to cope without her best friend in her life? A quick read, I recommend Missing Andy for anyone needing an inspirational story to help them overcome their own grief.

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Twitter: @LoriAMooreKY
Lori A. Moore lives with her husband and their adorable cat, Grady,
in Louisville, KY.

Master of Arts in Media Communication – Webster University, 2013
Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership – Campbellsville University, 2011
Master of Arts in Management & Leadership – Webster University, 2009
Master of Business Administration – Webster University, 2000

2013 KART Kids Book List award for Hannah the Hedgehog Goes to Heaven.

2012 KART Kids Book List award for Grady the Gray Cat Gets Adopted.

2012 Readers Favorite Honorable Mention for Grady the Gray Cat Gets Adopted.

2011 Readers Favorite Gold Award for Missing Andy.

2010 Readers Favorite Bronze Award for From Zero to Christian in Just 35 Years.

An avid traveler, she has visited all 50 states in the U.S. as well as 57 other countries.

Lori is also a wanna-be photographer.


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