Azurite by Megan Dent Nagle

Zora_cover_final_2Zora Winnser is the last princess of Samaria, but even though she is the only living heir to the Winnser bloodline, she will never rule the Samarian throne. Zora is a bastard, a child born out of wedlock to Queen Evangeline whose hatred for her illegitimate daughter festers with every passing day. But Zora’s unfortunate birth status is not the only thing that makes her different. She is also a half-blood, a Commoner whose blood is mixed with an ancient race of sorcerers that have long since passed into legend. When Zora is sixteen, Queen Evangeline decides to exile her from Samaria by marrying her to Spencer DeVore, the Prince of a foreign country infested by dark and desolate swamplands. Unbeknownst to Zora, Samaria faces threats from both inside and outside its borders. The mythhical race of sorcerers has been resurrected, and there is something in Samaria that they want: azurite crystal mined from underneath Samaria’s mountains. Queen Evangeline is more than willing to give it to them, but at what cost? As Samaria enters into a war they cannot win, loyalties will be tested and all faith in Queen Evangeline will be lost. The only hope in combating Samaria’s bleak future rests in the hands of traitorous group of Evangeline’s advisors and Zora, who must embrace her new identity to defeat the evil invading her country.

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5 stars:
Very solid book. Pulls you in from the very beginning, I ran through the whole book in a couple days. I’m now waiting impatiently for the sequel. Excellent, excellent writing and story telling.

5 stars
As a young reader I was into science fiction, but as i grew older I got into mysteries and adventure stories, but never fantasy (well maybe science fiction). I found this book mysterious, exciting, and interesting enough to not put it down. Great story!

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