Shiver Cove, Part 2: Val by TJ Shortt

Final Book2 Shiver Cove New CoverShaken by suspicious deaths in Shiver Cove, Val begins his own investigation. Five teenagers have been brutally mauled to death and the police aren’t looking for a murderer. The incidences have been deemed as ‘animal attacks’ and it seems only Val and his friends are searching for the actual killer. Certain the attacks have been committed by a supernatural being, Val hunts for a creature he calls ‘The Beast’.
After discovering a warning to ‘stay away’, Val knows he’s on the right track.

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Author Bio:
TJ Shortt, a perpetual teenager, has been fascinated by the supernatural her entire life. She spends her days dispatching trucks and plotting out how to kill people… on paper. In 2010 she attended the Borderlands Press Writer’s Bootcamp. She enjoys participating in local and on-line writing groups improving her craft. She lives in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada, with her husband and four-legged children.

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