The Ray Synchronicity by Lata Sony

TRScoverIn a busy market place, Major Vohra spots a suicide bomber from his eBombVest. He whispers his suspicion to a stranger near him. The stranger takes out a gun and shoots the bomber between his eyes. To Vohra’s surprise, instead of keeling over the bomber visibly changes and confesses.

Vohra is interested in the gun and the stranger, who introduces himself as Ketu, a soul engineer.

Shadows, made of Dark Energies in the universe, learn about this first use of Bioray gun. They realize that mortals had developed brainwave entrainment tools to drive them away, in accordance with a synchronicity created by Shadows’ arch enemies Rays. Shadows create a synchronicity of their own to make mortals undo Rays’ work.

The Bioray gun was a result of the last meeting between Rays and Time. Through Time travel, Rays discover that if their waves do not spread fast by next 500 years, the dawn of the Platinum age will be delayed. To explain how hard people are finding it to cope with just Ray frequencies, Time takes them to Arnavi and Gatik’s life spimes (space+time vehicle).

Arnavi was born with frequencies of Ray Intelligence and Ray Love. Thwarted Shadows hoped that she will eventually acquire Shades Hatred and Craving from her father. Arnavi tried to earn love as a toddler from her parents but her love is mistaken for meekness.

When Arnavi’s brother Gatik was born, Time allowed Shadow Ego to shade the baby because Time feels that mortals appreciate light only in darkness.

Rays observe that Arnavi felt unloved and unappreciated at both school and home while Gatik fared better.

Rays know that humans are capable of changing their brainwaves through low frequencies such as sound and among the methods, brain entrainment was the fastest. To further speed up brain entrainment methods, the Rays create the Ray synchronicity to bring about the events that allow humans to develop faster brain entrainment machines.

Consequently, an Indo-American spiritual leader collaborates with a medical equipment manufacturer to create these weapons of peace. The first of these weapons were now with Ketu for testing in India.

Back in the present, Major Vohra introduces his Colonel to Ketu, who tells them that his Bioray gun eliminates certain dark frequencies from the mind, making a person more peaceful and righteous. The two are disappointed to know that use of the gun declines the life of the person shooting the gun. Ketu reveals other methods such as the Entrainment couch and Shade Slayer to change violent and evil tendencies and develop out-of-body experience (OBE) capability for spying. Due to the non-violent nature of the methods, they finally decide to test them while working for an NGO affiliated to the Human Rights commission.

Ketu starts looking for young trainees with high IQ, as intelligent people become ‘soul engineers’ more easily. He shortlists Arnavi and Gatik. What happened to Arnavi and Gatik in the mean time?

In her search for love, child Arnavi meets all the wrong people including a pedophile, who leave her shaded with guilt and shame. As an adolescent, Arnavi feels and acts like a pathetic loser and loner in school. She makes an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

An adolescent Gatik constantly shuns his parents’ opinions having decided that they were half-witted and silly. He learns things by himself and uses extreme anger to rebuff people into agreeing with him.

In adulthood, Shadow Hatred manifests from Arnavi’s inherited genes as she reels under failed relationships.

Ketu contacts Arnavi through the advisor mode of her hi-tech IntelliHouse and convinces her to undergo brainwave entrainment from Beta to Theta state. She begins to feel happier and appreciate finer qualities more. She starts training under Ketu for OBE and other mental powers.

Their first case is to stop frequent violent protests by the public in a crime-infested area. The last time protestors had thrown stones at a police station, the police had shot 9 of them down. The news had caught nation-wide attention and was widely condemned.

Monitoring the area, Ketu and Arnavi see a shopkeeper being harassed by a goon. They manage to trick the goon to the Entrainment room.

He confesses to his crimes and surrenders to the police. A couple of his friends follow. Ketu uses OBE to hear their conversation in jail. He overhears the inspector taking orders from someone on the phone.

The next day he uses OBE again to find that the goons have been killed in the jail.
Ketu and Arnavi realize that the public dissatisfaction is due to a nexus between the police and administration.

People at random approach Ketu for brain entrainment. Some people including an MLA experience no change. Gatik too arrives for training.

Arnavi tries to get the inspector to Entrainment couch but he escapes and tries to shoot Arnavi forcing Ketu to use his bioray gun. Inspector comes around and confesses his nefarious connections with the MP.

Ketu asks Arnavi to try OBE to the MP’s house. She tries but she is confronted by shadows and she comes back midway.

Using OBE Ketu finds that the MP is an extremely sensitive person but he lacks empathy frequencies.

Ketu has no option but to use his Bioray gun on the MP.

Next Arnavi uses OBE on the CM and finds that he is shaded with Inertia that prevents him from taking action on his own ministers.

Ketu uses his bioray gun on the CM as well. With the transformation of the CM, MP, MLA and police, the state soon becomes crime-free and prosperous.

Due to frequent use of Bioray gun, Ketu looks 60 years old while Arnavi is 24. Ketu dies much earlier but both of them reunite in the garden of Rays after Arnavi’s death.


Review 1:

If you are a tad tired of the androids of the future and the inter-galactic wars, then you may want to step into this world of Ketu and Arnavi. If you have a philosophical or spiritual bent of mind, irrespective of which religion you follow, or if you follow none, you may want to enter the realm of the Rays and the Shadows. This book – the maiden release by the author – was refreshingly different from the contemporary fiction. What particularly appeals is the author’s astute observation of human nature, and of the underlying forces that govern our thoughts and actions. The darkness is not just the hatred, greed or ego, but also self-pity and self-flagellation; and the light is not just wisdom, faith and love, but also wit and vivacity. Universal truths are presented in an imaginative sci-fi plot, which is an easy and fun read. We may never develop the bioray gun or the entrainment couch, but the image of a washed-clean, ‘baptised’ individual is something we’ll find irresistible…..and that is, at the very least, wonderful and much-needed food for thought in this troubled age. ”
Review 2:

Lata Sony pulls us into a creative world with both story and well-crafted narrative.

The book follows Ketu and later Arvani, in India, in the mortal year 2039. The author’s descriptions brought this world into focus and easily transported this reader right in the midst a futuristic India.

The book also follows a variety of characters, or extensions of mortal minds and souls, presented as wider understanding of where the truths of the self and all that’s around us lies. I was intrigued by the idea of mind-altering weapons and out-of-body experiences, and pleased the author detailed the technical aspect in ways that made it thought-provoking and easy to follow.

The story brings up questions regarding technical dependency in our always-connected world as well as the morality of our entanglements. While the concept has been done many times before, you won’t get recycled ideas here, but rather a fresh and fascinating take on an awareness that transcends the corporeal realm of the senses and even thought.

This high tech, science fiction book is unlike anything I’ve read, with the setting functioning as a highly appealing point. The author takes her time working through a descriptive beginning before arriving at the dynamic plotline, which worked well for this reader tired of forced, immediate suspense — and once we do reach the tipping point, there is no turning back. One must turn the pages fast, greedy for the conclusion.

The end is stunning. The author’s ability to tell a story with so many moving parts, while keeping the suspense going and bringing the storyline to a crescendo, is admirable.

I recommend this book to readers of science fiction and to those looking for something fresh and different.


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