Everybody has a story….these are ours…. by Audrey N Lewis

bookcoverEverybody has a story….these are ours….

A collection of 7 short stories:

Family relationships. Friendships. Finding our Place. This collection is a series of narratives exploring events, experiences and memories. Each short work, while unique, brings the reader in touch with the inner monologue of the characters bringing their reality to life. Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son, Wife, and Husband – this book pulls together seven independent stories into a compelling, and thought-provoking anthology. While the focus is on the women – the men in these stories provide an interesting counterpoint. Readers meet: Lexi’s mom, as she struggles to understand her daughter; Abigail, now grown, remembering her nanny Chamele and the life lessons she shared; a sister trying to forge an adult relationship with a once-adored older sibling; a woman finding beauty in a place others have forgotten; another woman finding a true understanding of what holds meaning to her; Claire, the empty-nester and her “girls night out” group with an unusual twist, and Megan – lost but not forgotten. But don’t judge a book by its cover, in each story nothing is exactly as it seems.


“Audrey Lewis has written a wonderfully imaginative, often quirky and sometimes dark collection of short stories. Everyone will recognize something of themselves in her characters’ emotions, struggles and disappointments and they will delight in the stories’ often surprise endings” -Mary Reed, Writer & Marketing Consultant, Austin
“Audrey Lewis writes brilliant stories. Some, dark, intense, and a vivid look into the depravity of the human mind. Others inspiring hope and touching the heart deeply. Stories, like none I have ever read, that are both riveting and chilling. For those of us who study the behavior of the human animal, these stories remind us of those who may cross our paths in real life. Audrey hits the nail on the head as she describes what can go wrong and right in humanity.” – Dr. Karyl Lounsbery, Counselor and Assistant Professor of Counseling at Northern State University
I felt like Audrey was sitting on my couch telling me about real people. While connecting emotionally with the characters, a growing uneasiness began to settle in my mind and heart. In some of the stories, the conclusion left me stunned. It will be awhile before I can let them go. -Connie Regan Cook Memorial Public Library, Libertyville
Expect the unexpected from the talented Audrey Lewis. Filled with highs, lows, thrills and mysteries, her essays remind us of why we read and write and of the power of stories to inspire and entertain. This collection will delight anyone who has ever loved a book.– Cindy Schaefer, columnist, the Raleigh News & Observer

1185103_761976378015_822746986_nAuthor Bio : Audrey Lewis enjoys spending time with her two children and husband, who all reside outside of Chicago. She feels fortunate that they have a great relationship that involves spending time outdoors and fishing and other family activities.

She spent 28 years in the not-for-profit world and Audrey continues to enjoy being able to give of herself, and is a Reiki Master/Teacher. She is also enjoying pursuing her creative passions: crafting, photography and writing.

Audrey’s first book was a children’s story “Dreamseeker, Wish Keeper.” She is currently working on her first full-length novel.

Everybody has a story….these are ours….
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