Warrior Spirit by Jean Carroll


Free until 15th March 2015

Irishman Blackie O’Brien led a sinful and self-destructive life of women, alcohol and drugs. He was the best, champion steeplechase jockey in the history of the sport until a near-fatal racing accident ended his career.

But this was no” accident”- his ruthless ex-agent, Mickey Reegan, orchestrated the whole thing. It seems that the luck o’the Irish has deserted Blackie once and for all.

And Blackie is no ordinary Irishman. His lusty young man is the direct descendent of Brian Boru, the most influential High King of Ireland. If Ireland still had a king, Blackie would be it.

Now, Blackie is a man without a career and without a kingdom.
Warrior Spirit chronicles Blackie’s journey from the green hills of Ireland to the privileged horse country of Milddleburg, Virginia. As Blackie begins to despair over his future, in enters beautiful, young Meg who brings her horses to Blackie’s family farm where he’s been recuperating from the accident.

Their sexual chemistry is immediate.

But Blackie’s family has other plans for him. They believe he’s driven by the spirit of an ancient Irish warrior and demand he find a place in Ireland’s political leadership.

From fighting off alcoholic temptations, thwarting an attempted rape of Meg and stopping thugs trying to take his life, Blackie leaps over one hurdle after another. Will Blackie ultimately find the future he’s meant to have with the love of a good woman? Does Blackie get a second chance to turn his life around?


Carol-Rubright-150x150Hello Readers-
I started writing The King of Ireland series in 2008 when I had my second knee replaced. I was immobilized with ice on my knee for hours during the day and was, of course, bored to tears.
The “King’ story was something I had played with in my head for maybe twenty-five years.
Watching one more TV show, I decided to write it down. I wrote long-hand and quickly filled many yellow legal pads and kept on going. Luckily my sister-in-law was a very good typist, so I enlisted her help.
I made a lot of mistakes at first and along the way learned a great deal about the craft of writing and I’m still learning. I got a mountain of advice and help from agents, editors, contest judges, critique groups and friends. I found quickly that their was something called “word count” and it was frowned upon to have too much of it. So I had to pare my 300K word novel down to where somebody might look at it. Hence I now have a three book, one prequel novella series and might add more if my readers get invested in my characters.
I love my characters by the way and feel very close to them. I got highly insulted when a family member said Blackie just wasn’t her cup of tea!
I have a passion for horses just like my characters and have since I was a little girl and saw my first horse. Our property backed up to the Garrison Forest School for Girls in Maryland and they rode their horses through our woods.
I started riding when I was about eight years old and rode consistently until in my thirties and was lucky enough to have my own horse and pony for ten years. I did a lot of showing and did mostly jumping. Later I discovered dressage and became fascinated with it just like the main characters in my book.
I retired in 2010 and briefly before that I started riding again and it was glorious to on a horse once more. I’m retired from Johns Hopkins University where I worked for 27 years as an Electron Microscopist. I still work there part-time. The best thing is now I get to write full time and feel very blessed to be able to do so.


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