High Crimes by David Lawlor

HIGH CRIMES HIRES(1)In Dublin, Ireland, deadly consequences and a rush for vengeance — for one stalker, five victims, and an ex-priest whose sins are catching up with him fast.

Fifteen storeys in the air, crane operator Tommy Reynolds is up to more than shifting concrete and steel on a building site. He has his eagle eye on the apartments opposite. Tommy doesn’t just watch his victims; he films and he follows, and he listens, too. Soon he’s worming his way into their lives… but his victims, busy with their own troubles, don’t realise what he’s doing.

Maggie Preston’s trouble comes with the reappearance of Cathal Mac Liam, the serial sex abuser who destroyed her childhood and blighted her life. The ex-priest’s actions soon cause heartache for Tommy’s other victims, too… but they’re not going to take it anymore.

Read High Crimes, the tale of two ruthless predators whose victims fight back — and you’ll always wonder: Who’s watching who, and what would you do?

High Crimes http://goo.gl/m8XSl2

Website: https://historywithatwist.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @LawlorDavid

Goodreads: http://goo.gl/rocWgb

David LawlorAuthor Bio:  I’ve published three historical fiction novels in my Liam Mannion series – Tan, The Golden Graveand A Time of Traitors, which are historical fiction thrillers set during the Irish War of Independence, in 1921.

Now, I have dipped my toe into the modern world with High Crimes, a tale of stalkers and abusers – and the victims who finally decide to stand up to them.

I’ve worked as a journalist for the past twenty-five years and am currently Associate Editor with The Heraldnewspaper in Dublin. I’m also a book editor.

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