The Persistence of Memory by Uttara Chauhan

ThePersistenceOfMemory ‘The Persistence of Memory’ is Uttara’s third book. ‘A Model House’ (Indialog, 2003) was her debut novel, while her second book, ‘Blue Blood’ (2011, Penguin India), a collection of short stories, was long-listed for the 2011 Frank O’Connor International Short Story Prize. You can read more about Uttara and her writing on her website.

About The Persistence Of Memory: Through a quarter-century of memories that connect – and separate – three childhood friends, this novel examines mid-life issues and sheds light on the changing values of India’s middle class. Inder, Leena and Raja were best friends in high-school until one event separated them forever. Twenty-five years later, they meet at a class reunion, each one bearing a secret. At the reunion, buried memories resurface, forcing them to confront their untruths – and the mystery of a shared one. Persistence is the story of three people striving for redemption at the mid-point of their lives as they realize how the past is always present.

Uttara ChauhanAfter bringing out two books through traditional publishing, for her third, Uttara decided to enter the brave new world of e-publishing. Persistence is currently only available in its Kindle version on (including India).

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