Hilly finds her quiet place by Meytal Raz-Nave

91vvisoqNsL._SL1500_Title: Hilly finds her quiet place
Hilly Finds her Quiet Place is the second book in a series in which Hilly is the main character.
As well shown in the first book, Hilly Colors Her Dreams, children straightaway connect to Hilly, who is a unique character with a charming personality, conveying important messages to children such as addressing their emotions, positive thinking, connecting to the peaceful self and more… These themes are presented through humor, fun, love and care.
Every child who reads the book drifts into Hilly’s world.

I invite you to join the journey and open your minds for healthy new thinking.

Hilly’s journey is derived from her goal to find her quiet place, a goal shared by us all. The events that happen during her quest are familiar and therefore easy for children to relate.
Hilly also shares and teaches the most effective and safe exercise in order to find that quiet place: Meditation. When exercising the quiet mind and awareness (meditation), we take a little break from our daily hustle and bustle and meet with the person closest to us… ourselves.
Meditation teaches us attentiveness toward our feelings and emotions and awareness of what we really feel – whether it is hunger, fatigue, apprehension, excitement, etc.
Help your child recognize and control his/her feelings and thoughts.

coverAuthor Bio:
Meytal Raz-Nave, holistic multidisciplinary therapist for children & adolescents.

I started my therapeutic journey 12 years ago, Very young girl but I was drawn into the holistic world with full knowledge that this is the right way for me.

Once I explored the holistic thinking I felt like home, the comfortable well-known area for me, so I continued learning, and being a therapist, to this day.

I see the holistic state of mind as a lifestyle, not only as a way referring to mind and body.

My goal is to give people the tools to grab their lives in their own hands.

Therapy, acquisition of tools, advising and consultancy can help us treat ourselves and improve our lives in the physical, spiritual and mental layers.
Those tools eases our personal process and enables us have Qualitative meaningful life.


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