Code Name Nanette by M. E. Dawson

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“I AM NANETTE. I BREAK ALL THE RULES. During the war I was a spy for the
British and helped save the world. I’ve kept my secrets for fifty years. But
now I’m ready to talk.”

Joe Parker’s search for his grandfather leads him to a former spy who worked
with his grandmother in France during World War II. She still chain smokes,
drinks her whisky straight, and loves telling sexy stories. He’ll never see
women, young or old, the same way again.

THEIR MISSION: Gather intelligence behind enemy lines.
AT RISK: The future of the Free World.
THEIR MEANS: Whatever it takes.

BUT THE LINES BLUR AND THE WAR HEATS UP when Nanette and Joe’s grandmother,
code name Regina are forced to choose between their hearts and their duty.

Inspired by real women who helped save the world. “Code Name Nanette” is a
quirky, sensual, character-driven love story that honors the British and
American female resistance fighters in France during World War II, who loved
and fought behind enemy lines as intensely as their male counterparts, but
whose names and achievements remain largely unheralded to this day. It opens a
window into the hearts and the minds of women who take on new roles and risk
everything for love, freedom, or just plain adventure. The result is more than
a history lesson. It’s a revealing and touching triumph of courage, love, and
hope against all odds.

Code Name Nanette

Paperback: 334 pages
Publisher: AQ Press; 2 edition (November 7, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0991518446
ISBN-13: 978-0991518449

Links to purchase:

Genre: Literary historical fiction with elements of steamy romance.

10 5-star reviews on amazon.

This book by turns made me laugh (Nanette is quite the character), cry (heart
wrenching stories), and made me hot (explicit love scenes). All of it combined
to make a story that moved me. Thank you M. E. Dawson. I can’t wait for the
next one. —Amy C. Haufschild

“A guilty pleasure…. The story-telling in this book is amazing.” -Ingrid

“Exciting and soul-searching.” -ABNA Review

2014 Royal Palm Literary Award Winner


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