Delicate Secrets by Loukia Borrell

BOOK 2-coverFINALnov16Ghost soulmate.

There are some women you know, even before you meet them. There is an immediate connection with how they feel, smell, sound and what they need. For Christian Colgate, that kind of once in a lifetime intimacy was something he found in Tash Moncada, a promising art student who awakened his senses and passion.

At 18, Tash is on the verge of beginning her life and has everything to look   forward to after she graduates from high school. But, a chance encounter with Christian turns her world in a different direction. They quickly find an internal synchronization; a primal need to hold on to each other that takes both of them by surprise. Christian doesn’t see Tash as his student. She is his soulmate, a sensual woman who makes him feel things no other woman ever has. As Christian and Tash explore their feelings, they also have to be careful to hide them or risk crossing a dangerous border that could ruin both of their lives.

Delicate Secrets is the first book in The Aphrodite Anthologies. To follow Tash and Christian on their journey, read the second book in the series, Raping Aphrodite, and find out how they cope with a dark secret that threatens the world they fought so hard to build.

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Loukia Borrell is a native of Toledo, Ohio. She was raised in Virginia Beach and received a bachelor’s degree in English, with a journalism concentration, from Elon University. For 20 years, she worked for newspapers and magazines in Virginia and Florida. Her first book, “Raping Aphrodite,” is historical fiction set against the 1974 invasion and division of Cyprus. Her second book, “Delicate Secrets,” is the prequel to “Raping Aphrodite.” She is married and has three children.


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