BORN TO BE PERFECT by Barbara Raghavan

Cover of BORN TO BE PERFECT BORN TO BE PERFECT  by Barbara Raghavan

What can you do when those around you are as messed up as you are? 

Do you realize that we all have irrational personal quirks – some barely noticeable, others more intrusive? 
How do you cope in a dysfunctional family, where the search for affection leads to rejection or, at best, indifference? 

Navin found a way in his own set of obsessive rules of cleanliness. 

This is a story about life and love amidst psychological issues like obsessions, anorexia, hoarding, and kleptomania.




Cover of HER CHOICE HER CHOICE by Barbara Raghavan

Promotion on December 25, 2014 – free of charge

What should a fifty-year-old woman do when she gets pregnant?
Any decision which she may take will result in unwanted repercussions.
But what does her husband want?
Her daughter?
The priest?


Will the fact that Asha is an Indian woman living in Ireland make a difference to her decision?
Whichever decision she will take may be wrong or … wrong.

It is about life: full of surprises, crazy decisions and finally an unexpected turn of events.
There is a taste of Irish realities and Indian tradition and culture.
Humorous linguistic situations are enriched by the presence of Maria from Poland.




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