One Night at the Jacaranda_eBook_Oct_2014ONE NIGHT AT THE JACARANDA

Carol Cooper

One young man dying of cancer. One struggling journalist. A group of single Londoners. One night that changes everything….

The trouble with speed dating is that three minutes can last a lifetime, and ever since he was diagnosed, Sanjay doesn’t have a lifetime to waste.

For one booze and hope-fuelled night in London, the lives of a group of 30-somethings criss-cross. As well as Sanjay, there’s lawyer Laure, divorced doctor
Geoff, newly single mother-of-four Karen and traumatised ex-con Dan all hoping to find love, solace or amazing sex.

Undercover journalist Harriet is after a by-line, not a boyfriend. She’s a struggling freelance with a live-in lover, but soon she has to choose between the comfortable life she knows and a bumpy road that could lead to happiness.

As Laure, Sanjay, Geoff, Harriet, Karen, Dan and the rest of the singles discover, it’s not just about finding someone who’s dynamite between the sheets. It’s about finding yourself, and that’s not always where you expect.

What they say:

“A blinder of a tale” – The Sun.

“Sassy and classy in equal measures. A must” – Dr Pixie McKenna, media doctor and TV presenter.

“At times dark, at times laugh out loud funny, this snapshot of dating in London stays with you long after the final page” – Martel Maxwell, author of Scandalous.

“Contemporary fiction for intelligent grown-ups. The characters are real, the medical details are spot on, and the sex scenes are utterly believable. An absolute joy”- Christine Webber, author and psychotherapist.

Dr Carol Cooper gar cropAbout the author:

Carol Cooper is a doctor, author and journalist from London. She blogs on Pills and Pillow-Talk..

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