Unconventional Desires by Victoria Louise Sadler

FinalBookCover_300X480Victoria is a twenty something biology graduate who is currently living at home with her parents and just embarking on her new career. Victoria aspired to be “normal,” even run of the mill as a teenager, although this was not to be so as she found herself attracted to and excited by fictional scenes of domination and erotic torture. Her thoughts and feelings disturbed her greatly and were pushed to the back of her mind for many years. Then the internet stirred her repressed thoughts; reawakening her desires. What she discovers allows her to understand her desires and lessen the fears she had felt in the past, ultimately it freed her to explore her needs. Now she has a lover… Not an ordinary lover, but one who understands and satisfies her desires. In this, her diary she reveals to the world how she found him, what they do together and what he does to meet her very unconventional desires.

Review from goodreads
“I have read a few BDSM books and they all seem to follow the same clichéd genre of billionaire narcissist ensconced in an opulent mansion full of half naked, big busted slaves. Unconventional Desires is an enjoyable read and definitely not a book in this genre, but more in style of an edgy romantic novel with echoes of The Secretary rather than 50 Shades of Grey. No one is rich, the characters are all everyday people which gives the story a credible and enjoyable romantic charm. Told in the form of a diary kept by the principal character Victoria, a masochist who desires an unconventional relationship. They both have real lives, in a real world with normal everyday jobs. Sebastian is the man Victoria wants, a sadist with a romantic bent who courts her in the way that she wants. Meeting her need for dominance that is tempered along the way with love, affection and sweet romantic gestures. Sebastian knows what he wants from Victoria and how to get it, she in turn definitely knows that she wants to give him what he wants, but has concerns about losing herself to complete slavery along the way. Though it has a few typographical errors, the story is well composed and a good read.”

Authors blog post

Some desires are thoughts that are fleeting, often idle musings of no consequence, gone completely almost in the moment of their conception. Others though are true desires and some are distressing, obsessively hidden from others but impossible to hide from one’s self. Particularly when those desires are sexually motivated and unconventional in their nature. They have a way of being obsessively pursued, driven by the compulsion to have them satiated.

Unconventional Desires is the diary of Victoria, whom has two sides to her character. Her public persona is that of an ordinary girl, a biology graduate with an ordinary job. The other side to her persona is a character which is deeply buried in a desire that she considers dark and obfuscates it from her friends, family and most of all from herself. She fears this darkness that lives deep inside her mind, she does not understand it and cannot accept its nature. So she represses it out of fear, fear of losing herself to it and the fear of being rejected by those she knows and loves if they ever saw it.

The darkness though is given light by a simple fictional story she reads. This leads to a place where others live in this same darkness. A darkness that most would consider unconventional if not abominable. Her journey begins the moment she walks through the virtual door of an internet chat room, a room which she knows very surely having passed into, she can never leave and close the door behind her never to return. This room allows her to open her mind to her desires. Brightening the light of her darkness and giving motivation to her unconventional desire, the desire to submit to a man, to be controlled by him and to feel pain at his hands for his pleasure and in that giving receive her own pleasure.

She ultimately finds such a man to meet her desires and fill the void in her darkness. He wines and dines her, brings her flowers and chocolates, and is ever the gentleman, he opens doors for her. Doors that lead her in to places where she is willing suffer for him. Satisfying his need to control her and in return gaining the control she needs to fulfil her desire. The physical objects of her desire are the collars, gags, restraints, and whips he uses to meet her physical and psychological needs, allowing her to accept him as her master and lover.

Unconventional Desires: A diary of discovery… Domination, Submission, Sadism and Masochism
by Victoria Louise Sadler
Publisher: Victoria Louise Sadler
Edition: Kindle Edition Only
Page Length: 295 pages
Release Date: 6th August 2014
Purchase link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MHZ0Q9Q
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22887507-unconventional-desires


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