Challenged by Steve Grieger

Challenged_coverTitle: Challenged, A Tribute (One man’s true story of caring for, laughing with and learning from people with special needs)

Review: “Written by someone with intimate knowledge of what it’s like to be around grown-ups with mental retardation, this book will surely resonate among those in that difficult field who often feel that they are the ones who are ‘challenged.’ The book is highly humorous, which is part of its attraction. When working with these individuals, there are laughs in every day, and these happy moments cover up some of the tears and fears that caregivers feel for their fragile, special charges. Kudos to Mr. Grieger.”*
–Barbara Bamberger Scott, US Review of Books (*RECOMMENDED)

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Author_ImageAuthor Bio: Steve Grieger lives in San Diego, California, where he supervises three community group homes for people with developmental disabilities. He has been a featured presenter at conferences for the National Association for QDDPs and Developmental Services Network, Inc., and is actively involved in the People First self-advocacy movement. His varied accomplishments include chef, screenwriter, playwright and teacher, but he is most proud of his longevity as a caregiver/administrator in the special needs field.

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