A GREATER WORLD by Clare Flynn

A Greater World Cover MEDIUM WEBA GREATER WORLD by Clare Flynn

When Elizabeth Morton hears her father wants her to travel to the other side of the world to marry a complete stranger, she decides he must be insane. It’s 1920 and a woman has rights – she might still be too young to vote, but she’s not going to be treated like a chattel. But she’s reckoned without the brother-in-law she’s always despised, who brutally shatters her comfortable world, leaving her no choice but to sail to Australia.

When Michael Winterbourne, a Cumbrian lead miner wakes up with a hangover after his engagement celebrations, he doesn’t know he is about to be the cause of a terrible tragedy that will change his life and destroy his family.

When Michael and Elizabeth meet on the SS Historic, bound for Sydney, they are reluctant emigrants from England. They may start to hope their troubles are over, but they’ll find they’re only just beginning.

A Greater World is set in the early 1920s, a period of transition between the old pre-World War One way of life and the post-War, with the coming Depression, major social change and the evolving role of women in society.
The setting moves from the dales of Cumberland and the docks of Liverpool to Sydney and the beautiful Blue Mountains.

What people have said about A Greater World

“A hugely compelling story that was difficult for me to put down. I was immediately transported to another world.”

“A beautifully written love story that survives against all the odds. The author has great skill in writing good dialogue which gives the story pace and heightens the drama and tension right up until the last page.”

“A great page-turner for the Summer. Twists and turns and the (inevitable!) happy ending. I look forward to Ms Flynn’s next book.”

“Really enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down. Loved the characters and the atmosphere of Australia at that time. A good story well told.”

“An absorbing read”

“Twists and turns all along and a lovely ending”

“Absorbing, exciting, humorous in parts, racy, heart wrenching and epic”

(Reviews from Amazon, Facebook and author website)

About the Author
Clare Flynn lives in the UK in west London and runs a successful strategic management company although much of her time these days is spent writing. She speaks fluent Italian and loves spending time in Italy. In her spare time she likes to quilt, splash about with watercolours and travel as often and as widely as possible.

The first draft of A Greater World was lost when her laptop was stolen – so with gritted teeth she sat down and wrote it again – and is grateful to the burglar as it was much better next time around. Her next novel, Kurinji Flowers, set in India in the 1930s and 40s will be published later in 2014

More information on her fiction can be found at http://www.clareflynn.co.uk

Links to the book
A Greater World is available as an e-book exclusively on Amazon and in paperback in Amazon, Create Space and Barnes & Noble and other bookstores

Amazon UK http://amzn.to/1oQszbX
Amazon.com http://amzn.to/1v0vWT7
CreateSpace http://bit.ly/VsPO4J
Barnes & Noble http://bit.ly/1m4Hgs2


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