Legends of Origin, Book 1: Sanctuary for the Devil by Vanessa Finaughty

Sanctuary for the Devil_2014_FINAL 20 FEB In his search for the origin of the human race, Liam MacAskill travels to another planet and comes face to face with the Devil himself. He’s driven to claim sanctuary from the monks and nuns at Tridor Monastery, where another stranger to the land lies in a coma.

Liam teams up with Arthean, a Tridorian monk with a dark past and a heart of gold. At first glance, the two seem to be polar opposites, but are they really that different? Together with the monk’s Ilanenorian friends – a strange race of people who live above the clouds – Liam continues his search for the source of everything, which he believes will be found in the Garden of Origin. However, Sah, the power-hungry ruler who hunts Liam, searches for the garden, too. The race is on to see who will get there first and if Liam can survive long enough to fulfil his goal.

On the run, with traitors in their midst and death-breathing dragons on their tail, it’s anybody’s guess if good will prevail or if the amnesiac Devil who possesses Liam’s friend, Joshua, will gain the upper hand. Will Liam find the Creator he seeks? Will the Ilanenorians’ Earth Magic and the winged ryokin’s aid be enough? Will Liam be enough?

Review by TC Southwell:
When Liam travels to an alien world in search of the Garden of Eden, which he believes holds the answers to the mystery of mankind’s origins, he finds himself caught up in a battle supreme between good and evil. A courageous monk helps him on his quest, but his companion and friend, Joshua, falls prey to the evil machinations of the land’s ruler, who is in league with Lucifer himself.

In this strange world, Liam discovers wondrous magical beasts, some of which help him and others that fight on the side of evil, as well as supernatural companions who offer their aid. The Garden of Origin, as it is known on this world, is a mythical place whose existence is as steeped in legend as it is on Earth, yet he must find and enter it if he is to succeed in saving the world, and possibly the universe, from the Devil.

In Sanctuary for the Devil, Finaughty takes her readers on a rip-roaring quest through a world much like our own, only with magical marvels that spice up an already scintillating story and make it a genuine page-turner. Thrills, adventure and mysteries abound in a tantalising tale that is only the first instalment of a soon to be penned series. My only gripe is the lack of romance, but for those who revel in fantasy adventure, the almost all-male cast of characters will delight and divert.

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Author bio:
Vanessa grew up in Cape Town, and still lives there with her husband of fifteen years, her baby daughter and plenty of furry, four-legged ‘children’.

Her passion for the written word started her career as an editor and copywriter, and she part-ran a writers’ critique group for close on seven years. She’s been writing ever since she learnt how, has always been an avid reader, and currently lives on coffee and cigarettes.

Her interests include reading, photography, the supernatural, life’s mysteries and martial arts, of which she has five years’ experience.

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