The Angel In LA by Gaden Merritt Corpening

The Angel in LA (1)

THE ANGEL IN LA is a gripping, nonfiction novel combining absolute realism, humor, and a moving, supernatural twist. While on the tennis tour, Merritt is confronted by an angel in Los Angeles who guides him with a directive. From this point forward Merritt is haunted and oppressed by his heinous nemesis alcohol in a clash of Darkness versus Light. Although it is seemingly winning, causing Merritt to become homeless and a fugitive of the law, he never forgets the angel who tenaciously pursues him and spurs him towards recovery.

If you have ever been curious what really goes through the mind of a chronic alcoholic/addict, then walk with Merritt and get a firsthand peek into the secret underworld of alcoholism, which lured him into boundless depths of assorted self-indulgence beginning in Los Angeles. Unlike the movie Leaving Las Vegas, this true story is about hope and a strong will to live. 

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“A shaft of morning light sloped on his face with its warm, radiant power, exposing deep lines that should not have been there. But it was also a face that had witnessed something profoundly mystical—something so intensely spectacular, he could not let go of it as hard as he tried.” 

8 Customer Reviews:  5 Star Overall Rating

“Thanks so much for sharing your story of your battle with this insidious disease…and of your daily victory! The book is a well-written and gripping account of what you experienced as your life unraveled, but also the transformation that you experienced as you and your Higher Power worked together to overcome and win the battle. Keep telling your story….there is always one more person who needs to hear it!”  Jim Van Hecky Jr,

“A remarkable and amazing journey of one man’s personal struggles through the powerful grips of alcoholism and his hard-won triumphs with the help of unexplained spiritual communications, key human supporters, and his discovery of a buried childhood event that ignited his downward path. A true and inspiring tale that takes the reader into the thoughts and life of an alcoholic/addict giving sharper insight and hope for those so often written off as hopeless. It is a fight for freedom well worth the read whether or not you know someone afflicted with addiction. I highly recommend it!”   E. Rogers

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