Love’s Reflection by Marie Kopan

1Love’s Reflection A Journey of Love and Self-Discovery in Poetry Vol. 1

A unique collection of poems written throughout the author’s journey from a young girl’s heart to womanhood. Expressive poems reflecting teenage first love, heartache of love lost, inspiration gathered along the way, and even death while discovering the ephemeral thread that joins them. Underlying theme of: Renewal, Rebirth, and Life!

Marie Kopan began writing poetry as a teenager and continues to challenge herself with different types of poetry such as Free Verse, Tanka, Haiku, Quatrain, and Ae Freslighe to name a few.   Art, Music, and Life inspire her to write.  She is also a voiceover artist and created her own production company in 2010, Bella Vox Productions.  Marie lives in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband, two teenage children, and two crazy cats!  You can connect with Marie:

Coming soon, Vol. 2!

All books will be available in print on  demand, kindle, and audio formats!



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