UPRUSH by Jo Barney

uprush_Cover_for_KindleFour women, old college friends meet at Madge’s beach house, as they have done before, for a weekend retreat. .  This time, along with good food glasses of wine, a little gossip and comparisons of upper arm flab, they discover that Madge, a successful novelist, has included them in her next book, the stories of their lives after their days and nights in the sorority solarium smoking Pall Malls and talking as sexy as one could in the late 50’s  “Your stories aren’t finished,” Madge tells them, just as your lives aren’t.  And I need your help to finish my own story.” But what Madge has asked of them may be more than they  are willing to do.

Review:  . . . The insightful, entertaining and disturbing story of four women’s friendship over more than forty years.  Delving deeply into each woman’s life, this book examines the choices we make and impact those choices have on the ones we love.

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DSC_1062After graduating from Willamette University, I spent the most of next thirty years teaching, counseling, mothering, wifing and of course, writing. For a couple of years, though, I did none of this, preferring to live a little.

While I was working as a counselor, my writing appeared in small literary magazines and professional publications. Since retirement, I‘ve had the time to write four novels and two screenplays. The first book used my teaching life as inspiration, and served as a way to leave a profession I loved. The second story focused on my then-prodigal son, the hockey player. I believe he is relieved that it has not yet been published even though he served as my consultant on the icy details. My third novel, The Solarium, is an intimate, almost true, story of four women lot like my own long time friends. Graffiti Grandma, examines the lives of an old woman and the underworld of the homeless in living the forest nearby. The next book, coming out this year, tells of Edith who wakes up one morning as a widow.

If it appears that my protagonists are growing old, well, so am I.

My stories and essays, as well as the novels, reflect my observations of women’s lives and the people who inhabit them: the children, husbands, parents, friends, strangers who happen by and change everything.

UPRUSH  www.amazon.com
GRAFFITI GRANDMA www.amazon.com


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