The Water Trade by Charlie Deer

z2A nightlife custom where young beautiful girls are used to sway wealthy men into bar purchases. Champagne, Cigars, Spirits; whatever can be pushed makes a cut for the girls.Within this trade is a Chinese run night club in the heart of London’s Soho. Two young and naive girls, April (main protagonist) and Kit, an Irish immigrant, find themselves in dire straits when what first seemed as a once in a life time holiday soon turns to an inescapable nightmare.

Working one night, the girls approach the club owner about an opportunity to work abroad in Hong Kong. Getting the job, the girls fly out to Hong Kong to begin the new chapter of their lives. Picked up at the airport, they are brought to a secluded hotel where they are to live for the duration of their stay. The nightmare begins.

The girls are drugged and it’s not long before they pass out. April awakens in a darkened room surrounded by shadowy figures talking in a foreign language. The confusion of the situation begins to take its toll. April finds herself in the triad controlled sex trade of Hong Kong.
The story unfolds around the high profile service she is forced into; where she struggles with her own self image, harsh abuse and sexual acts of all natures with clients. The issue with an unexpected death; a terrible error by one of the triads own runners, and his responsibility of disposing a body, and the implications caused by his inability to fulfill the job jeopardizes the secrecy surrounding the trade.

A gripping tale of fear, strength, humility and an unlikely romance; the Water Trade mixes the violent underworld of Hong Kong with the internal struggles of a young girl fighting the demons forced upon her.

Amazon Reviews: 
5.0 out of 5 stars Convincing, April 19, 2014
The Water Trade is one of the best Horror / Thriller novels I have ever read, so fast paced I’m amazed there aren’t scorch marks on the pages. delivers on action, drama and suspense There is never a dull moment! When you think the story is going one way it changes on its heels and swings you another, you just don’t know what’s about to happen. This is a story that doesn’t hold back and is not for the weak of heart.
I loved it and will be pushing it to all my workmates tomorrow for their next big read.
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June 04, 2014

Right from the start this book crabs you by the seat of your pants and doesn’t let go. The author uses very in depth descriptions of various events that really take you “into” the story. It’s a fast paced read with a very believable story line. Unfortunately, this is the kind of thing that goes on in the world today. If you’re offended by the “F” bomb or vivid descriptions of sexual activity, this is most likely not the book for you. Otherwise, happy reading..

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