Mobile Phone Safety by Dr. Madhukar Dama



Understand why scientific studies are increasingly associating cell phone use with cancer, hearing loss, joint pains, infertility, impotence, accidents, behavioural problems, headaches, ringing ear, sleep disturbance, memory loss and so on. If you use a cell phone, you need to be aware of the health risks and understand the methods to protect yourself. MOBILE PHONE SAFETY, one of the very few books on this topic, can guide you about safe use of mobile phone.

Author Bio
Dr. Madhukar Dama was born in India and is an Assistant Professor by job, and a scientist and author by interest. After a career in drug discovery, Dr. Madhukar is now dedicated to research, and takes pride in spreading awareness about the hidden dangers of things that we use daily but take for granted. Most importantly, the effects of human activities on our environment and wildlife, and hazards of indiscriminate use of pesticides and misuse of plastics. Microwave contamination of the atmosphere and hazards to a mobile phone user are his current interests.




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