The View From Endless Street by Rebecca Lloyd

EndlessStreet_CVR_XSML (427x640)With this collection of short stories set in the south of England and beyond, Rebecca Lloyd explores relationships and the brave or foolish things they can make people do.
These stories about murder and ghosts, delusion and desperation, obsession and arson, show readers a sometimes sweet, sometimes macabre vision of humanity.
Rebecca Lloyd channels Roald Dahl’s wit and flair for the unexpected in this collection that will appeal to the quirky side of the literary reader.
________________________________photo by Rosie TomlinsonRebecca Lloyd lives in the city of Bristol in the South West of England. She has two daughters and three grandsons. Apart from fiction writing, she works as a writing tutor and editor. She won the Bristol Short Story Prize in 2008 for a single story – The River, and in 2010 was a semi-finalist in both the Hudson Prize for a short story collection and the Dundee International Book Prize for a novel.

In 2014, she was shortlisted in the first annual Paul Bowles Award in Short Fiction. She is the author of Halfling, (Walker Books 2011), co-editor of the anthology Pangea, (Thames River Press 2012), and author of the short story collection Mercy, (Tartarus Press 2014).
ISBN:- 978-1-937178-48-2
LINKS TO PURCHASE:- my book link

2 thoughts on “The View From Endless Street by Rebecca Lloyd

    • Ah, thank you William, that’s kind of you. I had the good fortune to have two short story collections published this year, the other being Mercy by Tartarus Press. Both books are going to be stored on Glynis’s bookcase I’m pleased to say.


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