The Tarnished Shooter by Charles James

BookCoverPreview5.doWhat happens to people who are constantly berated and pushed around by abusive parents and society? Some end up in prison. Some submit to committing suicide. Then there are the few who rebel, but keep trying to succeed no matter what the odds are.

…“The Tarnished Shooter” is a compelling five star story of adversity, adventure and the consequences of the choices one makes and is based on actual events. This is a book you won’t forget for a long, long time…

Everyday decisions hang on an invisible string, pulling each and every one of us into an unknown future. Right or wrong, every choice we make today will effect many tomorrows.

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Amazon Review:

“The Tarnished Shooter” by Charles James is a stunning and captivating book.I have read my share of childhood stories (or memoirs of that kind) but this is quite unique with its honest style and very sensible, intelligent and down to earth approach. The family background, abuse and bullying that our fictional anti-hero suffers are never once used as an excuse for the wrong decisions and choices in his life but serve merely as an explanation and helpful illustration of the reality of such a childhood and its possible consequences.

Young Frank moves into a less friendly neighborhood and easily gets drawn in with the wrong people. What starts of as dares and exercises in masculinity become smaller and then increasingly bigger transgressions into illegality.

The 1960s and 1970s are providing an excellent background as the time between youth rebellion with a cause and a last rise of the authoritarian approach to silence opposition. Frank ends up in prison and thanks to the well chosen direct-narrative-style the reader can share his experience of it and his thoughts.

He is thankfully not a victim but a reformed sinner and someone who has learned his lesson and who wants to pass this wisdom on to others, to be a role model. The narrator takes responsibility for his actions and encourages readers to learn from his mistake.

This is written so realistically that it feels like a real memoir and I am not surprised to learn that this is based on a real story.
A very impressive and important book that I cannot recommend highly enough.

Author Biography:

Author, Charles James, a former Marine wrote his first novel titled, “The Tarnished Shooter” from bits and pieces of his own hardscrabble past. At the age of twelve he was forced to fend for himself. To earn money when he was a boy he shined shoes in one of the roughest bars in town. He reveals his experiences and the hard lessons learned.

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