The Hacktivist by R J Webster

ImageYoung, passionate and radicalized after exposure to the poverty in Haiti, Jack becomes a hacker for a cause. He learns about botnets, rootkits, crimeware creation kits, anti-forensics and cryptography. He eventually tries to leverage it to help the poor. If the money trail leads to charities, how can he ever be caught?

The Hacktivist is the story of the evolution of a hacker but it is also a primer on information security topics. It provides a high level description of the techniques used to hack our computers and the tools we can use to protect ourselves and our internet financial transactions. After reading this book, one should have a good understanding of what it really means to use a credit card on the Internet.

The author is an expert in information security with years of experience working internationally. He holds two masters degrees in information technology including one in information security from James Madison University. He has experience defending and attacking computer systems. His hope is that this book will help people understand the risks and threats on the Internet and provide them some guidance on how to defend themselves. He also strongly hopes that you will join him in trying to do more to help the poor but in legitimate ways. Hacking is a crime that hurts everyone. Generosity and kindness is the way.


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